MARO Tandoors Jobs Feb 2017

MARO Tandoors Jobs Feb 2017: Based in Lahore- Pakistan, MARO is an initiative by four students from the Lahore University of Management Sciences. Our brand MARO Tandoors ( ) pays praise to the unique flavors of Pakistan through fresh and traditional recipes, made with genuine flavors and fresh local ingredients. MARO Tandoors is revolutionising the tandoor culture of Pakistan one step at a time. Our products, made by the best chefs in Lahore, promise hygiene and guarantee the best quality possible.

And that’s not all. You get to experience the most tantalisingly delicious rotis and naans- for amazing prices!

MARO Tandoor(s) is EXPANDING! And now we are in the process of recruitment to add more ardent and driven people to teams of MARO Tandoor(s) across a Lahore.

  1. Operations Manager
  2. Manager- Brand and Corporate Affairs
  3. Restaurant Manager – Branch Line Manager
  4. Assistant Manager- Restaurant
  5. Admin Executive (cum Purchaser)
  6. Dinning Attendant- Waiter- (Head, Officer, Trainee)
  7. Pizza Specialist/ Consultant and Helpers required urgently
  8. Dough Specialist
  1. Operations Manager

Role Summary;

Responsible for many operational and administrative roles, core duties are monitoring and overseeing all branches, tandoors setups, supply centers, stores, corporate/ back offices activities across the country in perspective of overall operations development and recommencing. Provide the leadership and planning to the overall operations of the company. Provide strategic consultation on operations development, under management direction, performs a bulk of specialized duties.

Duties and Core Responsibilities;

Effort and help to make sure that the Organization’s philosophy, mission and vision are pertinent and practiced throughout the organization.

Develop and implement standards/policies/ solutions for the delivery of topnotch service at MARO Tandoor(s).

Monitor the performance and activities of staff (food and beverage related) to ensure compliance with set customer service standards.

Responsible to administer overall Compliance management (F & B) function include management on any implicit & explicit breaches to complying company policies (supply center to POS).

Responsible to check and balance on production, supply center, sales volume, marketing visibility in actual manner, branch operation, quantity and quality of MARO traditional business lines and ensure to done all activities with proper and aggressive compliance.

Strong liaise with culinary/ tandoor/ kitchen teams and then with branch manager to plan menus for restaurants.

Responsible to conduct surveys to identify customer requirements and take appropriate steps in ensuring client needs are met.

Set targets and implement strategies necessary in achieving set objectives.

Responsible to develop and maintain an operational governance, vision, strategic direction and policy for centralized reporting across all branches.

Ensure to achieve the required operational objectives with all related segments by team efforts.

Responsible to monitoring and analyzing the operations trends.

Responsible to studying competitors’ operations and then developing new actions.

Any other task assigned by management.

Requirement Criteria;

We are looking to hire an Operations manager of all branches (across a Lahore city), you will be directly above the branch managers, and all branch managers will answer to this designated personal. Person should have the following credentials:

Relevant experience in managing multiple branches at the same time

Computer proficiency

Excellent man-management skills

Prior F&B experience

Expert-level knowledge of restaurant and/or service operations 

  1. Manager- Brand and Corporate Affairs

Role Summary;

A leading fast casual chain is seeking a dynamic, energetic and passionate female to manage its new international franchise.

Duties You will do;

The candidate will be responsible for rolling out the franchise, developing and negotiating new online and physical sales channels, executing expansion plans across major cities and managing social media marketing.

Requires working independently in a fast and dynamic organization with other high-energy individuals.

Desire Requirements;

The candidate should have excellent interpersonal skills, strong English language skills and should be a results oriented individual.

The ideal candidate should have at least 2-3 years of experience in sales or brand management position preferably within a retail organization.  Food and beverage experience is not a must.

  1. Restaurant Manager – Branch Line Manager

Monitoring, oversight and troubleshooting to branch operations team member (include Parking Attendants- Valets, Concierges, Order Taker, Floor Space Décor- Officer, Gust Service Representative, Claim Desk- Floor Controller, Bartenders/ Drinks specialist, Dinning Attendant- Waiter (Head, Office, and Trainee), POS- Reservations Officer/ Cashier, Food Packager- Helper, Delivery Officer- Rider, and Janitorial & Cleaning- Helper/ Dishwashers- Helper).

Responsible for branch administration on asset management, facility management, procurement, organizational discipline, maintenance issues.

Overall branch day to day functions.

Responsible to keep management informed by reviewing and analyzing daily working reports, summarizing information and identifying trends.

Delegating work to front to office and back to office staff and managing their workload and output and performance.

Oversee & supervise the general housekeeping at branch.

Undertake & execute special assignments/tasks delegated.

Involvement on many areas as per need that team work monitoring, supervision,  safety  management,  developing  standards, kitchen/ tandoor equipment maintenance, managing processes, surveillance skills, inventory control, reporting, procurements, negotiation, logical reasoning, using Software overall people management.

Any other task assigned by management.

Requirement Criteria (Age 30 to 40 Year’s, 5 up to 8 Years’ experience, previously experienced in hotel/ restaurant industry mandatory, At least bachelor degree (preferably Diploma or degree in hospitality)

  1. Assistant Manager- Restaurant

Responsible to assist the branch manager and manage day to day branch operation OR perform line manger duties if he/ she not available.

Responsible to assess visitors/ customers/ guests needs to make preferences & recommendations.

Responsible to plan and brief menu to team on daily basis and when necessary.

Responsible to support & cooperate with staff teams include front and back of houses workers.

Responsible to keep information notify to team branch operations about daily specials.

Responsible on stock, restock and replenish culinary/ kitchen/ tandoors inventory and stock and supplies.

Responsible to handle overall management of organizational supporting doc’s (Admin Janitorial guidelines, daily reporting etc).

Responsible to manage culinary/ kitchen/ bar operations and general branch administration aggressively.

Responsible to enforce rules or regulations in a branch operation.

Identifying short-term and long-range issues that must be addressed in a branch.

Correspondence and routine scrums with line manager and plan set priorities to perform on branch floor operation.

Complete management of staff (front & back of houses personals include), running and closed branch.

Generating the tag employee reports.

Tasks mapping, throwing to team members and foll0w-ups to till completion.

Involvement on routine errands to manage the quotations/ invoicing, payment recovery, lead generating, respond over queries or inquiries, assisting to line manager, tender assignments.

Any other task assigned by management.

Requirement Criteria (Age 250 to 30 Year’s, 2 up to 5 Years’ experience, previously experienced in hotel/ restaurant industry mandatory, At least bachelor degree (preferably Diploma or degree in hospitality)

  1. Admin Executive (cum Purchaser)

Receive requisition requests from employees or department or management.

Review and approve the purchase requisition requests and approve budget for purchases by finance management.

Call quotations from prospective vendors for purchases.

Select vendors for purchase and send purchase orders.

Receive supplies and deliveries after successful inspection of goods.

Evaluate vendors and suppliers for future purchases and update the vendor list.

Receive requisition requests from employees or departments or management.

Maintain a vendor list of approved vendors and suppliers for different purchase items.

Visit vendors and supplier for purchases, item return, or replace or repairs and maintenance.

Complaint management overall.

Full the needs and requirements of all departments with time.

Receipts, cash, vendor and accounts management overall.

Office Administration & Field work include following duties;

Manage office opening and closing.

Perform routine day to day operations of the office.

Resolve office administration related issues.

Bank dealing on behalf of the company.

Managing maintenance of office furniture and infrastructure facilities.

Maintain record of office items inventory.

Control goods in and out, and issue gate passes.

Act as a backup resource for receptionist and manage front desk in absence of receptionist.

Coordinate office gatherings, parties or functions.

Office Administration

Facilitate all the employees with smooth and disciplined company operations and provide a pleasant environment to work.

Manage the routine day to day operations of the office.

Planning for the infrastructure requirements.

Bank dealing on behalf of the company.

Managing development and maintenance of office furniture and infrastructure facilities.

Supervise any construction and development work.

Deal all the legal and administrative matters with external agencies.

Take appropriate steps and measures to maintain a healthy and noise free environment.

Ensure successful implementation of applicable organization’s standard processes in all functions come under reporting hierarchy.

Admin work force/ peons managing

Requirement Criteria (Fresh up to 3 years of experience, Bachelor’s degree in discipline of business (preferably BBA), Hard-working, Responsible and well organized)

  1. Dinning Attendant- Waiter- (Head, Officer, Trainee)

Positions; 05

Based; Lahore

Requirement Criteria (Age 18 to 33 Year’s, Fresh up to 4 Years’ experience, Previously experienced in hotel/ restaurant industry) 

  1. Pizza Specialist/ Consultant and Helpers required urgently

Responsible to prepare pizzas, salads and sauces

Responsible to handle tasks includes mixing ingredients, molding the dough, applying sauce and toppings, and preparing other foods such as stuffed bread or rolls.

Responsible to work in a fast paced environment.

Responsible in to get instructions, understand the exact requirement (demand of foodstuff).

Responsible to ensure smooth operation of culinary/ kitchen department to delivering well-prepared foodstuff within given timeframe.

Must be deft in moving around the culinary/ kitchen/ tandoor set up, must be apt in multi-tasking.

Responsible to utilizing team experience on various ingredients, pizza making.

Responsible to carry out multiple culinary techniques to preparation of food in kitchen as following (Chopping, Mince, food dice, Crushing, Cutting/ Slicing, Blending, Food pressing, Frying etc).

Responsible to use manual or electric appliances to clean, peel, slice, and trim foods (when necessary)/ using food mills, Lemon reamer, Colander, Preserve, Food Stacking methods as well.

Responsible to monitor stock and place orders when there are shortages in stock.

Responsible to inform timely or when equipment is not working properly and when food and supplies are getting low, and order needed items.

Responsible to store food items in designated containers and storage areas to prevent spoilage.

Responsible to store food in refrigerated storage cabinets.

Responsible to keep records of the quantities and qualities of food (before & after used).

Responsible to set up and organize culinary/ kitchen/ tandoor with all needed cooking equipment and ingredients.

Responsible to keep a sanitized and orderly environment in the culinary/ kitchen area.

Responsible to prepare ingredients to use in cooking (i.e chopping and peeling vegetables, cutting meat etc.)

Responsible on stir and strain soups and sauces (if required).

Responsible to remove trash and clean culinary/ kitchen garbage containers during and after work completion.

Responsible to place food trays over food warmers if necessary.

Proficient in food handling and able to follow directions well Time Requirements (Full-time / part-time Weekends and evenings during peak hours scheduling flexibility a plus)

Any other task assigned by management.

Culinary and kitchen related diploma will be preferable

Previous pizza making experience will be preferable

Ability and capacity to train team members

Requirement Criteria;

Requirement Criteria (Age 18 to 35 Year’s, Fresh up to 5 Years’ experience, Previously experienced in hotel/ restaurant industry)

  1. Dough Specialist

Candidate must have experience and knowledge in Dough making/ preparation and developing quality dough

Expertise to mix ingredients to many types of dough’s according to formula and recipe

Dough related consultant (women/ men)

Performance Factors:

Improvement overall

Maximizes department performance

Plans work activities to meet commitments and expectations

Self-motivated and eager to learn

Come flourish and grow with us!  MARO offering You:

Excellent Career Growth

Exposure to Tandoor(s) restaurant line and diverse experience in a big way

Continuous Learning

Career Counseling and Mentoring

On Job Training & Development

Purely Growth oriented careers

Market comparative Salaries & Allowances coverage (include Travel, Mobile, PSSI, EOBI)

Please; only serious candidates apply.

Apply Now;

Interested applicants CVs can be sent at ( [email protected] ) or you can share this message to your friend who is looking for better job opportunity. To get business details or recruitment and hiring updates, please direct contact at 0306 8686 189.

Note; Please don’t forget to mention position applied for in the subject line of your email.

Should your skills and qualifications meet our requirements, you will be contacted for an interview.

MARO Tandoors Jobs Feb 2017

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