Binary Vibes Pvt Ltd Jobs Mean/Mern Stack Developer

Binary Vibes Pvt Ltd Jobs Mean/Mern Stack Developer:

Company Name: Binary Vibes (Pvt.) Ltd.
Job Title: MEAN/MERN Stack Developer
Industry: Software Development
Job Type: Permanent/Full Time
Location: Karachi, Pakistan
Gender: Any
Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, software engineering or related discipline
Experience: Minimum 4-5 years of relevant experience

Job description:

· Javascript

  1. Working in ES6.
  2. Knowledge of higher Order functions.
  3. Object destructing and Cloning techniques.
  4. Functional Programming concepts (Closure, Memoize)
  5. Importing and Exporting Modules, Classes and Objects.
  6. Class base programming.

· Angular 8+

  1. Knowledge of life Cycle Hooks.
  2. Dependency Injection.
  3. Service Base State Management (SBSM).
  4. Lazy Loading and Code splitting.
  5. Tree shaking of Components.
  6. Knowledge of Rxjs.
  7. Material Theme and its module integration.
  8. SCSS styling.

· React 16 +

  1. Knowledge of React component Lifecycle.
  2. Redux State Management.
  3. Redux Saga for API and async Calls.
  4. Lazy loading and Segment fermentation.
  5. Less/Sass for styling.
  6. Webpack Configuration.

Send Resume at: [email protected]

Binary Vibes Pvt Ltd Jobs Mean/Mern Stack Developer

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