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Lesson:3 Favorites

 Favourites or bookmarks is a list of internet sites that have been visited and kept for future reference. As this list grows it can be come untidy and difficult to navigate.

The following section will describe how to delete items and place favourites in folders for easier navigation.

  1. To access your favourites open “Internet Explorer”
  2. When Internet Explorer opens select “Favourites”Favorites
  3. When selected, a drop down list of all favourites will be displayed
  4. Select “Organise Favourites”
  5. Firstly we will delete an item that is no longer required
  6. Select the item, then click “delete”
  7. Select “Yes” to confirm deletion
  8. The item will been sent to the recycle bin.
  9. Select “Create Folder” to start organising favourites
  10. Select “Rename” and give the new folder a name i.e. “computers”
  11. There are two ways to move items in to folders.
  12. Select an item then click “Move to Folder”Favorites
  13. Now select the folder and the item is moved into the folder.
  14. OR use drag and drop
  15. Left click the item and hold, then drag to the folder
  16. The black line indicates the position where the item will be placed
  17. When in the correct place release the mouse button, the item has now been moved to its new folder
  18. With folders created, and items moved, the favourites is now easier to navigate.
  19. Select a folder to view its contents

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