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Purpose of the Position: Under the overall direction of the Representative, accountable for formulation, design, planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluation of Gender & Development programme (s) to ensure overall efficiency and effectiveness of the programme management, delivery and accomplishment of programme goals and objectives. Support UNICEF’s gender programme mainstreaming and its relationship with system wide mechanisms on gender equality and women’s rights.
Accountable for collaborating on new global programmes and their country roll-out to develop greater awareness of assumptions and perceptions about gender balance.
Gender and Development Specialist P4 Islamabad, Pakistan

Vacancy No: E-VN-2014-002614
Duty Station: Islamabad
Country: Pakistan
Region: ROSA
Position#: GENDEVP4IS
Application Close: 05-Nov-14
Contract Type: Long-term Staff (FT)

Key Expected Results
1. Programme Planning, Development and Management.
– Enhance effective sectoral or inter-sectoral planning, development by supporting the timely completion of the gender awareness and gender equality aspects of the Situational Analysis. Facilitate its periodic update through accurate and complete monitoring and analysis, promoting the use of gender disaggregated indicators and their analysis. Collaborates with all sectors to ensure the development and use of gender indicators that are rigorous, manageable and useful for timely reporting and the timely preparation or finalization of sectoral input. Provide substantive advice, recommendations and input in the formulation of country programme documents and plans of actions for mainstreaming gender across all aspects of the programme.
– Takes primary responsibility for the development of the work plans and technical decisions that build gender into programme management, implementation and monitoring, in compliance with the defined programme strategies and approaches.
– Ensures that annual management and workplans include specific gender targets for achievement of UNICEF’s gender goals.

2. Promotion of UNICEF’s Global Goals
– Promotes the organization goals of UNICEF through advocacy and policy dialogue through active engagement in communication, networking and participation at every opportunity inside and outside UNICEF, leveraging the strength of UNICEF mission, goals and programmes. Strengthen policies and strategies for gender and equality in line with UNICEF’s priorities.

3. Knowledge Management.
– Promotes knowledge management by exchange of knowledge, information, experience or lessons learned; promote gender awareness knowledge sharing and recommendations on introduction of new initiatives into the country programme.
– Design and implement strategies to provide public information on UNICEF-gender programmes to create greater public awareness about the gender/women’s equality issues and their critical role in achieving the MDGs. Design and develop global gender roll-out modules and learning programmes to support managers.

4. Rights-Based and Results-Based Approach.
– Promotes the mainstreaming of gender and rights based programmes through participation in the formulation of programme goals, strategies and approaches. Bring coherence, synergy and added value to sectoral or inter-sectoral management processes using a results-based management approach to planning and design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation

5. Sectoral Work Plan Development, Implementation, and Monitoring.
– Takes primary responsibility for the development of the sectoral work plan and technical decisions as well as for programme management, implementation and monitoring of assigned project/sectoral activity, in compliance with the defined programme strategies and approaches

6. UNICEF and Government Accountability.
– Collaborates with the Operations and Supply Sections and Government authorities to establish and maintain sound internal controls (as required) to ensure accountability. In an advisory capacity, supports  programme planning, implementation and coordination.

7. Communication, Collaboration, Networking and Partnership.
– Ensures exchange of information, experience; and courses of action to support the strengthening of relationships and collaboration with key partners on gender equality programme requirements and objectives. Conduct field visits to monitor programmes and collect information.
– Collaborates with Communication and Communication for Development groups to ensure development of effective communication materials and strategies to support advocacy and social mobilization efforts.
– Overall coordination with Regional Advisers and HQ Specialists. Collaborates with other Programme/Project Specialists to ensure the integration of the sectoral programme with other sectors.
– Interacts with Government and other partners, NGOs, UN and bilateral agencies in the different stages of programme implementation to follow up on agreements and recommendations.
– Provide technical advice and guidance on appropriate technical, financial and institutional capacity building measures to achieve gender and rights based  programme goals.

Qualifications of Successful Candidate
Advanced university degree, preferably in the Social Sciences, Gender Studies,  or other relevant field.
*A first university degree with a relevant combination of academic qualifications and experience may be accepted in lieu of advanced university degree.

Eight years of professional work experience at national and international levels in programming for gender equality and women’s rights, including international work experience.

Fluency in English and a second UN language

Competencies of Successful Candidate
i) Core Values:
–  Commitment
–  Diversity and Inclusion
–  Integrity

ii) Core Competencies:
–  Communication
–  Working with People
–  Drive for Results

iii) Functional Competencies:
–  Leading and Supervising
–  Formulating Strategies and Concepts
–  Analyzing
–  Relating and Networking
–  Persuading and Influencing
–  Creating and Innovating

* The successful candidate for this emergency recruitment MUST be available to commence work within 31 days of receiving an offer.

* Please note that is a non-family duty station.

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