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Unicef: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police Department is currently engaged in the development and implementation of a number of agency reforms with a view to enhance the professional delivery of its mandate and thereby strengthen trust and legitimacy between the citizen and State. As the primary state agency responsible for the maintenance of law and order in the province, the Police Department is mandated to address matters related to children in contact and conflict with the law.

Due to inherent vulnerabilities arising directly from the fact of a young person’s age and inexperience, a child who is suspected of having committed an offence, or who is a victim of a crime, is entitled to special protections in accordance with the Constitution of Pakistan and applicable international human rights standards. Further, if a child is suspected of having committed an offence, often the first point of contact between the child and an official from the criminal justice system is a police officer. This initial contact is critical – in that the manner in which the police officer treats the child may play a decisive role in diverting the child from future criminal activity, where appropriate. Likewise, child victims and witnesses of crimes require special care and attention from the police in order to avoid secondary victimization and a responsive investigation of the case.

Accordingly, the main purpose of this assignment is to build the capacity of investigation and other police officers currently receiving trainings from the School of Investigation. The School of Investigation is a principal initiative of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Police Department to support enhanced knowledge and skills of police officers in the field of investigation. However with regard to technical capacity to deliver trainings on matters related to child-sensitive investigation, child rights, child protection and juvenile justice, same have been identified by the KP Police Department as areas in which the School of Investigation has low expertise. It is acknowledged by the Police Department that the investigating of offences against children , whether reported by the child, a carer or an external third party, should be undertaken by qualified professionals who have received role-specific and comprehensive training, and require a child rights-based and child-sensitive approach. Rigorous but child-sensitive investigation procedures will help to ensure that offences against children are correctly identified and that all requisite evidence is obtained for the proper handling of a case, be it at the administrative, civil or criminal level. It is further acknowledged by the Department that extreme care should be taken to avoid subjecting the child to further harm through the process of the investigation. Accordingly, UNICEF bilaterally agreed with the KP Police Department to support technically institutional capacity strengthening measures through manifold approaches. In this regard, UNICEF will support the engagement of an international and a national consultant to develop appropriate training curricula and materials; standard operating procedures and/or guidelines in accordance with constitutional protections and relevant international human rights standards ratified by Pakistan.

Expected Deliverables

  • Curriculum and materials on child sensitive investigation, juvenile justice, children rights and child protection
  • Police guidelines for children in contact / conflict with the law
  • Police SOPs for cases involving children in contact / conflict with the law
  • Related communication materials.
  • Delivery of training of trainers (ToT) sessions for 10 police officers on developed curricula

Supervision and Guidance

The consultancy and process will be steered by a Technical Working Group and chaired by an officer of the KP Police Department, including representatives from UNICEF, the KP Child Protection and Welfare Commission, Probation Department and Prosecution Department, and other criminal justice sector stakeholders, as appropriate. The consultant will report to Deputy Inspector, General Investigation and the Director, School of Investigation.

Work Assignments, Deliverables & Payment Schedule

Task to be Performed

Consultative Meeting and DIP Development: Initial meetings with DIG Investigation, management team of KP Police School of Investigation and DIP Development

Literature Review: Develop an outline and conduct the review of the applicable legal, policy and administrative provision/procedures at national and provincial level

Tools and strategy formation for the curriculum development.

Formation of tools and strategy for the development of curricula on child sensitive investigation, child rights, child protection and juvenile justice.

Curriculum Development: Develop curriculum and appropriate resource materials including SoPs, treatment protocols, guidelines (considering the needs of both participants (trainers and trainees) on child sensitive investigation, juvenile justice, child rights and child protection.

Finalisation of the curricula, including resource pack: Finalisation of the draft curricula (and resource material) in light of the review and feedback by the Technical Working Group
ToT for selected participants: ToT for ten police officers on developed curricula
(Roll out of guideliens and SoPs).
Final product: Final report, including curricula and resource pack

  • Arrival report developed
  • DIP articulated
  • Mapping conducted for literature review
  • Review of applicable legal, policy and administrative provision/procedures at national and provincial level
  • Literature review report and draft framework for each curriculum developed
  • Tools and strategy developed
  • First draft curriculum developed on child sensitive investigation, juvenile justice, child rights and child protection.
  • Police guidelines on children in contact or conflict with the law developed
  • Police SoPs on children in contact or conflict with the law developed
  • In collaboration with UNICEF C4D officer, communication materials for KP Police Department developed
  • Curricula finalized in light of feedback received from the technical working group
  • ToT for 10 participants conducted and report developed

Final report, including curricula and resource pack

Estimated Duration Of Contract: 15th March 2016 End date: 15th May 2016

  • Qualifications or Specialized Knowledge/Experience Required AND COMPETENCIES
  • An individual with previous national and regional / international experience working with police or security forces on child friendly policing techniques
  • The consultant will have an advanced university degree in law, social sciences or an equivalent
  • At least ten years of progressively responsible work experience at national and regional level with technical knowledge in the area of child justice, child sensitive investigation, children rights and child protection.
  • Excellent analytical and documentation skills
  • Excellent communication and writing skills in English
  • Excellent interpersonal, communication and organizational skills
  • Adaptability and flexibility, confidentiality, initiative, concern for accuracy and quality.

Proposed Fee: $ 20200 Apply


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