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Global Resource Solutions, Inc. (GRS) is seeking an enthusiastic, motivated and talented individual for the position as Primary COMSEC Manager and Alternate COMSEC Manager.

Summary: The COMSEC Manager will provide subject matter expertise to perform the following tasks:  Account for, maintain, issue, and destroy COMSEC Material and Equipment in support of Secure Interoperability between the United States and Pakistan.  Managers will provide formal and informal training to component personnel on the operation of the prime equipment and system.

Essential Duties And Responsibilities

  • Facilitate inspection/ certification of the COMSEC facility and maintain operational condition of the COMSEC facility. Make recommendations to the Office of Defense Representative Pakistan (ODRP) to ensure the COMSEC facility remains in compliance with the appropriate regulations.
  • Manage the U.S./Pakistan FMS COMSEC account. Perform duties related to the receipt, custody, issue/distribution, safeguarding, accounting, and when necessary, destruction of classified and non-classified U.S. Government provided COMSEC Type 1 cryptographic devices and keying material (KEYMAT) as well as all COMSEC equipment.  Responsible for the maintenance of up-to-date records and the submission of all required accounting reports.  Be thoroughly familiar with the procedures for handling COMSEC material.  In fulfilling his/her responsibilities, the COMSEC Manager will perform the following duties:
  • Protect COMSEC material and limit access to individuals with a valid need-to-know and clearance.
  • Keep informed of any new requirements or modifications to existing requirements to be serviced by the COMSEC account
  • Receive, receipt for, and ensure the safeguarding and accounting of all COMSEC material issued to the COMSEC Account.
  • Maintain COMSEC accounting and related records as outlined in NSA/CSSPM 3-16, NAG-14C, NAG-18A, and NSTISSI 4000 series instructions, or the applicable regulations.
  • Conduct an inventory semiannually and upon appointment of a new COMSEC Manager, by physically sighting all COMSEC material charged to the account, and reconcile this inventory with the Central Office of Record (COR). The contractor must also successfully pass an annual audit performed by the lead U.S. Central Command (USCENTCOM) COMSEC Manager or a designated representative.
  • Perform routine destruction of COMSEC material when required, or affect other disposition of material as directed by the Central Office of Record (COR) or Controlling Authority.
  • Submit transfer, inventory, destruction, and possession reports when required.
  • To ensure the integrity of COMSEC material (i.e. key or equipment); inspect the implemented protective technologies upon initial receipt, during each inventory and prior to each use.
  • Ensure the prompt and accurate entry of all amendments to COMSEC publications held by the account.
  • Ensure physical inspections and required page checks are accomplished on all keying material and publications received, returned, transferred, destroyed, during change of Manager, and when posting amendments which include replacement pages to ensure completeness of each publication as specified in NSA/CSSPM 3-16, NAG-14C, NAG-18A, and NSTISSI 4000 series instructions, or applicable regulations.
  • Ensure all accountable COMSEC material shipped outside of the account’s organization is packaged and shipped as specified in NSA/CSSPM 3-16, NAG-14C, NAG-18A, and NSTISSI 4000 series instructions, or the applicable service regulations.  Ensure all material received is inspected for evidence of tampering. If the COMSEC account is so large as to prevent the COMSEC Manager from personally checking security packaging and markings, performing page checks and posting amendments these actions may be performed by properly cleared and authorized individuals, who have been properly instructed by the COMSEC Manager.
  • Be aware at all times of the location of every item of accountable COMSEC material held by the account and the general purpose for which it is being used.
  • Establish procedures to ensure strict control of all keying material operationally required when turned over from one shift to another or from one individual to another.
  • Ensure appropriate COMSEC material is readily available to properly cleared and authorized individuals as required by duty.  Managers must verify individuals are cleared to the level of the material being issued.  Issue material to users by means of a hand receipt, and brief recipients of their responsibility for safeguarding the material until it is returned to the Manager, in accordance with NSA/CSSPM 3-16, NAG-14C, NAG-18A, and NSTISSI 4000 series instructions, or applicable regulations.
  • Perform semi-annual security audits and coordinated periodic inspections of Ministry of Defense Pakistan and Military Services (MODP) sites and units that use and operate U.S. Government provided COMSEC material and equipment.
  • Serve as liaison between the U.S./Pakistan FMS COMSEC account, Coalition COMSEC accounts, and U.S. Government organizations, agencies, and COMSEC accounts.


  • Must Possess and maintain at least a Secret Clearance
  • Must be U.S. Citizens.
  • Must have a valid passport
  • Must have never been convicted of a felony.
  • Must be willing to submit to and pass a random drug screening.
  • Be a graduate of formal COMSEC training from an appropriate service (normally two weeks) prior to their assignment.
  • Be a graduate of National Security Agency (NSA) COMSEC course (normally three days) prior to arriving to their assignment.  (IAEC 2111 and IAEC 2112 COMSEC Management Courses.  These courses are required in order to manage the COMSEC Account)
  • Attend the USCENTCOM Foreign Disclosure (FD) training course  (can do online).
  • Must be thoroughly familiar with the proper handling and safeguarding of Communications Security (COMSEC) materials and equipment.
  • Must have a minimum of two years’ experience working abroad as a COMSEC Manager.


  • Must be thoroughly familiar with local civil codes.
  • Must be able to research and understand National Security Agency (NSA) Information Security (IA)/COMSEC regulations and USCENTCOM operational directives.
  • Be familiar with the publications and directives that will be used to support daily and special operations.
  • Be able to develop, prepare, and deliver COMSEC training to the Host Nation hand receipt/COMSEC responsible officers.
  • Able to articulate concerns, verbally and in writing, clearly to senior U.S. and Host Nation leadership.
  • Must be able to work independently.
  • Must be able to drive a vehicle.
  • Must be able to lift at least 60 pounds without assistance.
  • Knowledge of the Defense Messaging Systems (DMS).
  • Must have working knowledge and be able to troubleshoot secure telephone systems (i.e. STU-III, SVX-9600, SY-71E, analog devices, and Future Narrow Band Data Terminals).
  • Must have a strong background in Electronic Keying Management Systems (EKMS).
  • Must have strong background in downloading and transferring of electronic key data; using COMSEC devices such as, AN/CYZ-10 Data Transfer Devices, KOI-18 Paper Tape readers and other COMSEC equipment.
  • Must have strong background in COMSEC equipment such as KIV-6 Cryptographic Computer, SY-58 and SY-100 Secure Voice Modules, ANDVT and SYV-5 HF Encryption, SG-50B, KGX-40, fill cables, and appropriate Red and Black key groups.
  • Must be able to perform Over the Air Re-keying (OTAR) and Over the Air Transmissions (OTAT).
  • Must have computer skills in Microsoft Office products to include Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, Word and Access.
  • Must be able to load Mode IV Identify Friend or Foe (IFF) and Global Positioning System/Precise Position Service (GPS/PPS).
  • Must have background in tactical communications.
  • Must be able to maintain highest accountability and pass all COMSEC inspections whether scheduled or unscheduled.
  • Must be able to work long hours when necessary to support Host Nation and Joint Operations within USCENTCOM AOR.
  • Must have Instructor Training Ability.
  • Possess a high degree of tact, diplomacy and the ability to work and cooperate harmoniously with military and civilian personnel.

Physical Requirements: This position requires employees to be willing and able to: sit, bend, reach, stoop, squat, stand, and walk.

Communication:Excellent customer service via phone and face to face conversation, excellent written and oral command of English. Apply

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