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Telenor Summer Internships Programme 2013

Telenor Pakistan is pleased to announce the commencement of its Summer Internship Program 2013.images

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This duration of Internship Program will be between 6- 8 weeks and is entirely Project based. This means that each intern will be part of a real & ongoing project team and will contribute to the completion of the Project at hand.

Interns will be placed with various departments of the organization depending on their area of Interest. This gives them the chance to blend the classroom education with practical and applied experience in the real world.

To Apply to the Internship Program please visit our website atwww.telenor.com.pk/­careers. The last date to apply is 1st April 2013


Eligibility Criteria for our Program is for Bachelors Students who have completed ¾ of their Degree and Masters Students who have completed ½ their degree

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