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Specialist / Assistant Manager Compensation – Mobilink GSM – Islamabad

A Bachelors Degree in Business Administration
2 Years(03 to 05 years of work experience, with minimum 02 years in a role requiring strong analytical skills)
Analyze and flag inconsistencies in the salary and benefits structure in comparison to the market as well from an internal equity perspective. Recommend and participate in developing solutions to address such inconsistencies
Represent Mobilink in pre-compensation survey benchmarking sessions to ensure that jobs are benchmarked accurately in relation to the market. Follow through by preparing compensation data for submission to the consultant.
Analyze survey reports to present prevailing market trends and Mobilinks comparative positions in terms of compensation as well as benefits. Work with the Head of department to make solution driven recommendations.
Ensure effective implementation and internal compliance of compensation and benefit plans and policies
Work in close coordination with the employer brands team to ensure communication and develop an understanding of the compensation and benefits structure to employees
Ensure timely execution of the annual salary planning and incentive exercise
Ensure timely submission of required reports to management and group level audience
– Organize and prioritize work assignments with keen attention to detail
– Strong analytical and problem solving skills. Ability to identify and interpret data trends and patterns.
– Able to communicate and present at different levels including top management within and outside the organization.

Apply By: Jan 18, 2013

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