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Siemens Jobs Project Manager

Siemens Jobs Project Manager: Siemens AG has stood for innovative strength, a passion for technology, sustainability, responsibility and an uncompromising commitment to quality and excellence. As a globally operating technology company, we’re rigorously leveraging the advantages that our setup provides.

What are my responsibilities?

Project Scope Management: Planning, initiating and executing project activities and processes as per the tasks/activites delegated by the Project Manager. Monitoring support departments to ensure that work is being executed as per contract.

Project Time Management: Creating project schedules, prioritizing tasks, scheduling actvites on the basis of deadlines provided by the Project Manager. Ensuring availabity of required resources/documentation in a timely manner.

Project Cost Management: Identify and analyse the costs involved in a certain task and determine/implement means for maximum benefit.

Project Quality: Identify and ensure implementation of quality standards relevant for delegated tasks/activities. Applying planned, systematic quality activities (CQMS procedures, Method Statements, etc.) Documenting non-conformances, ensuring adherence to customer specifications and Company Standards.

Project Risk Management: identifying and analysing risks involved in scheduled activites. Determining means to overcome the risks. Escalate risks to the Project Manager as per its gravity.

Project Communication Management: Identifying the information and communications needs of the Project stakeholders, making needed information available to the project stake holders in a timely manner. Collecting and distributing performance information, including status reporting progress measurement and forcasting. Coordinating with Site and Porject Management

Project Integration Management: Coordinating with related engineers, Procurement department, Site Management, Project Management, Design Department, Quality and Safety department, Subcontractors to meet project goals and objectives.

What do I need to qualify for this job:

  • B.E. degree in Electrical Engineering
  • 5 plus years of experience
  • 2 plus years of Project Management experience
  • 6 months Site related experience
  • 5 plus years experience in handling Utilities and Consultants
  • Technical knowledge of: High Voltage (upto 500kV) Air-Insulated Switchyard and Gas-insulated Grid Stations
  • Auto-transformers, Power Transformers and Distribution Transformers
  • Control & protection systems
  • MV Switchgears
  • Auxiliary supply systems
  • SCADA & Telecommunication
  • Substation Automation Systems
  • Power & Control Cable engineering and laying
  • [email protected] Certification (preferred)
  • PMP Certification
  • Skills: Time-management, conflict management, strong communication and presentation skills Apply
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