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Senior Information Systems Assistan – UNHCR – Peshawar

Information Technology,Post Secondary Education and training in Information Technology;
6 Years(Experience in Novell NetWare, GroupWise, Windows Server, Windows 7, Office Suite 2010 will be considered as an additional benefit.)

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Required Skills
– Proven record of good interpersonal skills;
– Strong communication and analytical skills;
– Knowledge of local languages and UNHCRs operational context;
– Ability to work in a diverse team.

1. Monitor and maintain the Local Area Network (LAN), Servers, Printers, LAN points, Hubs, Patch pane, etc. to prevent faults occurring;
2. Provide technical user-support services and training in UNHCR applications, including e-mail, upgrade the Software in collaboration with DIST HQs, when required;
3. Ensure that information problem recovery is done as quickly as possible by making regular system back-ups;
4. Add or remove users from the Network in collaboration with the Admin./ Finance Officer;
5. Assist in the maintenance of accurate records of users and usage of the Network;
6. Provide technical support to UNHCR’s implementing partners
7. Carry out minor hardware maintenance;
8. Liaison with UNHCR Branch Office in Islamabad and UNHCR Headquarters in Geneva on matters related to Information Technology;
9. Ensure that the clients’ databases are up-to-date by identifying and keeping what is relevant and accurate in an accessible manner;
10. Generate statistical reports as required by the Management for improved decision making;

Apply By: Jan 8, 2013

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