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Provincial Officer MNCH – WHO – Karachi

MBBS from a recognized College/University with Master Degree in Public Health. Desirable: Advance training in any field of MNCH.
At least 3 years working experience in development, implementation and management of maternal and child health programmes. Desirable: Experience of working with UN agencies/donors in MNCH programme.)

In particular, he/she will undertake the following duties:
1. Analyze and assesses relevant political, social and economic trends and provides substantive inputs to the formulation and evaluation of joint projects, planning initiatives and joint development frameworks.
2. Assist national/provincial counterparts in developing health profile for MNCH in the districts, identify porgramme’s targets and develop plans that respond to the local context
3. Support and facilitate implementation of the developed projects, plans; and monitor and report on the implementation and share reports with relevant partners in close coordination with WHO NPO MNCH on monthly and quarterly basis.
4. Quarterly review and update MNCH activities at the provincial level in close coordination with the MNCH programme and development partners.
5. Assist in facilitating adaptations, development of guidelines, protocols and standards of MNCH services.
6. Assist in developing capacities of counterparts at provincial and district levels to coordinate/ organize relevant training activities.
7. Review and revise all activity reports (National Training Activity reports, Agreements for Performance of Work reports, supervision, travel etc.), travel reports of WHO staff and of other counterparts if supported by WHO before sharing with WHO Country Office.
8. Ensure proper distribution of supplies and equipment to facilities providing MNCH services and of WHO offices and keep inventory of such distributions.
9. Provide operational support for different activities under the WHO Country Programme (DFCs, APWs, S&E, etc.)
10. Initiate and maintain productive coordination mechanisms with provincial counterparts and partners.aaaaaaa
11. Conduct supportive supervisory visits to districts.
12. Support Department of Health /MNCH and District Health Offices in advocating and mobilizing resources to improve MNCH services.
13. Maintain a functioning network of contacts in the media, civil society and political circuits to support advocacy efforts and take opportunities for advocating the government policies and WHO’s mandate in the area of MNCH.

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