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Project Manager – One-UN EET – ILO – Islamabad

1. Review and analyse country specific development plans and priorities, socio economic data, reports and other relevant information; identify potential technical cooperation project areas and provide written analysis on the findings to management.
2. Contribute creative ideas for programme/project development and serve as senior national programme advisor to the Directorate and draft portions of programme and budget proposals, project proposals, programme background, country strategy papers, objectives, project reviews and evaluation. Monitor progress of ILO programmes, projects and activities by reviewing, verifying and analysing work-plans, progress reports, final reports and other data for clarity, consistency and completeness.
3. Identify problems, propose solutions and action and follow-up with relevant departments at headquarters and regional office, executing agencies, government offices, constituents and other organizations to expedite implementation and meet targets.
4. Provide programming and administrative support to programmes and projects in areas of responsibility.
5. Prepare briefs, background information, periodical reports, subject matter related technical reports and statistical data on status of programme/project activities.
6. Assemble and edit basic data required for planning and negotiation of programme/project activities, considering different approaches and alternative methods for project design, management, problem identification and problem resolution. Follow-up on delayed documents, clarify information, and answer questions about clearance and processing requirements.
7. Assist in the programming and control of resources from all sources of funds, prepare budget estimates and expenditure forecasts by analyzing and monitoring situation of resources as compared to planned activities and making recommendations to management for remedial action.
8. Assist in the development and maintenance of computerized information systems for use in monitoring and reporting on activities and performance.
9. Handle fellowship programmes for specific projects, analyze and evaluate relevant budgets, objectives and activities, and initiate action as required.
10. Participate in the preparation of conferences, seminars, workshops, training sessions and meetings. Speak on behalf of the ILO when attending these gatherings alone.
Serve as a focal point for selected technical subjects and attend meetings, workshops and inter-agency meetings, and present reports and papers.
11. Serve as public relations liaison and relations officer of the office and promote ILO activities. Draft, edit in, or translate into local language(s) news releases, official correspondence, statements and speeches and other public information material.
12. Plan, organize and facilitate consultative meetings, seminars and workshops. Act as interpreter and participate in policy dialogue and technical consultations. Draft speeches and address meetings on behalf of the ILO.
13. Brief ILO specialists, project experts, associate experts and visiting officials and provide relevant information on programme matters.
14. Undertake missions to project sites independently or accompanying other officials.
15. Supervise the work of support staff and junior national officer staff.
16. Perform other duties as may be assigned by the supervisor.

Apply By: Feb 17, 2013

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