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Part 8 : Autocad 2010/2012 interface (Lesson:64 AUTOCAD 2010 INTERFACE)

Part 8 : Autocad 2010/2012 interface

(Lesson:64 AUTOCAD 2010 INTERFACE)

Now let’s see what it looks like the 2010 version of AutoCAD LT.
After installing the program, we are faced with the following screen:

Interfaccia Autocad 2010

As we can see the interface is quite different from older versions (2007 and 2008) while the newer 2009 is similar to this.
In particular, have changed the “toolbar” whose commands are now grouped in different ways and have the “main” commands (that is usually more used) of larger dimension.
Under the command are the name of “toolbar”, then “Draw”, “Modify”, “Properties” and so on.
Clicking on the name of toolbar, it expands downwards showing additional commands that are part of that group.
Then select the menu items at the top (Home, Insert, Annotate … etc..) displays other “toolbar” with its controls.
You may have noticed at this point that the top lacks the classic menu bar, while there are new buttons on the top end with some basic commands (new, open, save, undo and restore, and printing). On the left of these commands, is a button with an “A” which when clicked opens a drop down where we find the same commands for opening and closing files and printing, but beyond that we find the key “options” where we will set settings of departure that we did at the beginning of the course.



If you click on the arrow to the right of “Print” button and on the drop-down menu that opens select “show menu bar”, the menu bar will appear.

barra dei menu

In short, just look a little and find all the features we’ve seen during the course, but personally I prefer the old interface, probably a matter of habit..

In any case, this is a problem easily solved, let’s see how:

At the right bottom of the screen, click on the button “Initial Setup Workspace”.

imposta interfaccia

On the menu that appears select “AutoCAD Classic”

Autocad Classic

The interface will take on the classic appearance is very similar to earlier versions, which probably is most friendly.

Autocad LT

Now close the “tool palettes” by clicking the X at the top and then as we did at the beginning of the course, clicking the right button on a toolbar of the already present and select the voices of other toolbars that want to view, eg..

Modify II,

Once you have made visible positions at will on either side of the screen by dragging with your mouse.

Autocad LT

That’s all.

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