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Part 5 : Object Properties (Lesson:41 Linetype Scale )

Part 5 : Object Properties (Lesson:41 Linetype Scale )autocad
On Autocad, when we use different line types from the normal continuous line, the size of the hatch of these depends on the variable “LTSCALE.
This variable defines a scale factor by which all the lines will be drawn in a drawing.
By typing the command “ltscale” on keyboard, and then pressing “Enter”, we can modify the scale factor of all lines, which by default is 1, to increase or decrease the density of the hatching of the different line types.
At higher values will have a larger hatch, while less values, hatch will be more dense, until it look like a continuous line, although not as it appears.
We must therefore pay particular attention to this, because if we use a dotted line in a drawing by a factor of “LTSCALE” too low, the hatch will not be visible.
In addition to the variable LTSCALE, which operates globally on the entire design (then each AutoCAD drawing file), you can set a second scaling factor for each line individually.
We can then have two lines or objects with the same kind of dotted line, but scaled differently.
To change this second scale factor will use the command “properties” that we will see after.
To display the different linetypes, we have to keep in mind the setting of these two values, in order to design and print properly, according to our needs.

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