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Part 4 : Forms of Design (Lesson:39 Edit hatch)

Part 4 : Forms of Design (Lesson:39 Edit hatch)autocad

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“Edit Hatch”

If after you create a hatch, above it do a double click with your mouse, you edit it, re-open its input window, and you can again change the parameters.

This is equivalent to using the command “Edit Hatch” edit hatch  on “Modify II” toolbar, and then select the hatch to change.


As you’ve seen, a hatch is a set of lines and/or points, but once it is created as a single object.
If you remember the polyline or polygon has a similar feature, as though with segments appear as a single object.
If we use the command “explode” explode and select one or more of the items mentioned and then “Enter” them explode in the individual component parts, lines and/or points that may be.
This with the textures is not always advisable as it exploded, a hatch can not be edited and modified, and if we were to cancel it would be inappropriate in terms of time and patience.

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