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Part 4 : Forms of Design (Lesson:34 Point and Point Style)

Part 4 : Forms of Design (Lesson:34 Point and Point Style)autocad

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With the command “point”  point, you can draw points, or centers, which will look different depending on the setting set in the menu “format” under the heading “Point style”.

point style

Choosing it opens the following window:

point styles

Within this we will choose the look that will have all of the dots in the drawing in which we are working.
We may also choose the size of the symbols drawn as points in “absolute units” or “relative to screen”, which means that if we walk away with the zoom and then “regenerating” the drawing, the symbols of the drawn points will return to the size set.
To draw points will be activate the command point and click on one or more points on the screen.

To exit the command in this case you must press the Esc key on your keyboard.

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