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Part 3 : Object Snap and editing tools (Lesson:22 Rotate)

Part 3 : Object Snap and editing tools (Lesson:22 Rotate)autocad


The “rotate” rotate command is used to rotate the selected objects according to the desired value, expressed in degrees.
By clicking on the respective command ” rotate ” on the modify toolbar, the program prompts you to select the object or objects to rotate, once selected you hit return or the right mouse button to confirm them.
At this point, Autocad, similar to the move command, ask us to specify the base point, which in this case represents the axis of rotation, that is the axis against which the previously selected objects will be rotated.
Again you can choose a fixed point in an object by use of “snap” (a corner, the end of a line, the center of a curve, etc..) Or anywhere in the drawing.
Once you click and set the axis of rotation on the command line shows “Specify rotation angle” (specify angle of rotation), then you should enter the value of what we want that the object is rotated, for example 45 degrees, you type with the keyboard, then hit Enter the object or selected objects are rotated and the command ends automatically.

The direction of rotation, by including positive values will be of type “counterclockwise” in Autocad is set as the default so if you want to rotate “Clockwise” will be sufficient to enter negative numbers, eg. -45.
You can enter rotation angles from 0 ° to 360 ° both positive and negative (of course it is useless to rotate an object 360 degrees because it amounts to not rotate), using as many decimal points you want eg 45.99 ° or 15.2 or 30,671, at least in this theory, then in practice you usually use whole numbers at the corners with one decimal place, also depends on what you draw.

(In Autocad the comma separating the decimal numbers is done by inserting a dot).
I repeat:
If you add numbers with decimal values must be used the dot and not commas. Ex 10.25 is ok but 10,25 is not correct!


  1. Click on the “rotate” rotate command .
  2. Select the objects to rotate.
  3. Press Enter or right mouse button to confirm the selection.
  4. It establishes the pivot point on the design by clicking with the mouse.
  5. Type on the keyboard the number of degrees you want, positive or negative.
  6. Press Enter or right mouse button. The rotation is performed and the command is completed.

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