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Part 2 : We begin to draw (Lesson:18 Saving and opening files)

Part 2 : We begin to draw (Lesson:18 Saving and opening files)autocad

Saving and Opening files.

Here’s how to save the drawing as you did and open a new one.
Open the “File” menu and click on “Save As.”.


This will open a window like the one in the picture, where you can choose the location where to save your file and give it a name, you can also create new folders or delete, through the controls at the top.
It works like the regular Windows file manager.

As you can see at the bottom of this window is the area that says next to “file name” where you have to write the name for the file, replacing the voice (drawing1.dwg) that AutoCAD automatically assigns.
You can avoid to write the name with its extension (.dwg), Autocad will place it too and save the file according to the type shown in the window below.

The entry below “Files of type” you can choose the type of file to be saved by choosing one of several versions available.
As a basic approach will find the version you put in the preliminary settings, at the beginning of the course (where we talked about various types of AutoCAD files), but if necessary you can choose a temporary one, regardless of the base settings.

Then clicking on the “Save”, the file is just stored in the chosen path, but beware, it is not closed but remains active and you can continue to work on it.
To save the changes you have made more simply click on “Save”, always in the menu “File” and in this way the file, which you already have a name at the time of the first saving, will be updated by overwriting it on himself without creating a new one.

Do you remember when we set the auto-save every 10 minutes, beginning in the options window … well, keep in mind that this does not directly update the design you’re working but makes a copy in another specific folder and can be resumed in case of emergency, so often you must save the drawing, by the menu “File> save ..”, because if the program crashes (I assure you it happens) you lose your job done.
You can also save the file by clicking on the “standard toolbar” button on the third button representing a floppy disk. salva

standard toolbar

To close the file on which you are working by clicking on the cross “X” in the upper right ( not the first higher on a red background, that closes Autocad, but the second post below ).
At the time of closing, if the design has not been saved after the latest changes, a window appears where we are prompted to save the file or not.

To open a drawing you have to go on the menu “File> Open ..”, or click on the “standard toolbar” on the second button representing an open folder: open

standard toolbar

Will appear a window similar to the one for saving, where you can scroll through the folders on your hard drive, to the location where the file to open, then we double-click it or select it and then press “Open”.

In the next window under “Files of type” you can choose one from among several types of files that AutoCAD can open and where the “dwg” as mentioned above is the standard.

The other type of files that AutoCAD can open and save is the ‘dxf’ which is similar to “dwg” which can be used to exchange drawings in Autocad with other programs.
Then there is the format “dwt” drawing template, if that refers to a selected folder to indoor Autocad where there are files that already contain squaring and masks in various sizes A4, A3, according to specifications “ansi”, “iso” etc.. known as the “template”.
For the moment being occupied by only normal “dwg”.

Please note that you can open multiple files at once , which similarly to the windows of “operating system “, can be reduced, enlarged or sent to an icon, can be viewed one at a time or simultaneously.
I will not elaborate on what should be fairly intuitive if you have a minimum of familiarity with Windows.
Below I have put a sample image:

finestre disegno

Create a new design from scratch.

To create a new design from scratch you click the menu “File> New ..”
In the window that appears ( may be different from what appears to open and save if you have an old version of Autocad ), click on the arrow beside the button “Open”.

On the menu that appears select ” Open with no template – Metric . ”
This will open a new drawing window.

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