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Part 2 : We begin to draw (Lesson:10 UCS)

Part 2 : We begin to draw (Lesson:10 UCS)autocad


We have seen that the UCS symbol represents the XY axis of that “Cartesian plane” on which we are designing and using the “ortho” we can constrain the Autocad drawing parallel to these axes.
If we wanted to draw for example 45 ° we can rotate the axis of the UCS.
To do this just type in the letters on the keyboard UCS and then press the enter key.
After typing the letter Z and then press Enter yet.

The letter Z indicates the third axis, it would be projected toward our eyes and it is the pivot around which rotate the axes X and Y.

Type 45 hours and then press Enter yet.
As you can see the UCS is rotated and with it the slider design, the command is completed. Drawing now “ortho” active we will be constrained to 45 °

I now repeat the command, writes UCS and press Enter twice in a row, the UCS will be reported to the inclination of origin. Simple no?
We repeat again, type in UCS and then hit enter, now enter a E instead of Z, then hit enter.
The cursor changes to a selection handle, if we have a slanted line on the design and selection, clicking on the mouse, the UCS will catch on that line.

To bring it back to the origin, as before repeating the command and press Enter twice, or type a W instead of Z and then enter.

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