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Meritocracy Internship Programme 2013

Mission Statement:
To prepare University seniors, Graduates for entry into the practical field of ‘IT Industry’ by providing a thorough understanding of the core functionalities of an Information technology company and the responsibilities of its employees.

Program Objectives:
Human Resource:

  • Understand how major companies rate and communicate employee performance.
  • Understand ethics, compliance and business conduct issues pertaining in our industry.
  • Understand time management requirements when working with individual agents or marketing teams.
  • Manage budget along with our marketing director and help to improve cost deficits.

Marketing & Sales:

  • Learn the needs of affluent individual market targets.
  • Learn how to apply marketing skills and tactics
  • Develop presentation skills
  • Learn Marketing Tracking techniques
  • Develop our online campaigns and manage them
  • Content Writing:
  • Learn technical writing, proposals, and business letters.
  • Understand the basics of on-site and off-site content writing
  • Understand the implementation of keywords, density of keywords and their implementation.
  • Differentiate between reports in APA and MLA styles respectively.


We are looking for a graduate student with a major in Finance, Marketing, Economics, Mass Communication, Auditing, Industrial Law, Accounting, Human Resource, Actuarial Sciences, Business Math and Statistics. This person should have good verbal and written communication skills with extensive knowledge of MS Office, Internet Browsing, websites and social media portals.

Primary incentives of this program are to provide opportunity to investigate a career in Sales & Marketing, Human Resource Management and Content Writing with hands on experience prior to graduation.

Once completed, intern will have sufficient knowledge necessary to determine if a career in the respective fields is a right opportunity to pursue. Moreover, you will develop vital communicational skills required in today’s business environment, including team based interactions, managing outcomes without direct authority over others and the capability to take direction in firms’ sales initiatives.

Email your resume at internship@meritocracyonline.com

Phone No: 021-3482-3543
Address: Suite no: 101-102, first floor, Asia center, University Road, Gulshan-e-lqbal 13A, Karachi, Pakistan.

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Get Latest Jobs Via Email

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