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Lesson:3 How To Backup

How To Back Up Data to External Devices

Backing up is the process of making extra copies of important information (e.g. accounts data) which may be stored on your computer.
Data is usually stored away from the computer for extra security – this can either be to CD, Floppy Disk, external hard drives, memory sticks or other devices.

  1. To back-up the “My Documents” folder, first click “Start”
  2. Then select “Accessories” – “System Tools” – then choose “Backup”How To Backup
  3. The “Backup Utility” begins to load
  4. The “Backup or Restore Wizard” appears, and then click “Next”
  5. Choose “Back up files and settings” and click “Next”
  6. Select “My Documents and Settings” and click “Next”How To Backup
  7. Click on “Browse” to find a location to save the backup.
    Click “Next”
  8. Click on the arrow to bring up the drop down menu and select “CD Drive (F)”
  9. Once selected rename in the “File name” field to “Friday’s Backup” and click “Save”
  10. Click “Next”
  11. For demonstration purposes choose the “Local Disk (E)” to save the backup to and click “Save”
  12. Click “Next”
  13. Click “Finish” to complete the back up wizard
  14. The backup is now in progress
  15. The time left and size can be seen in the fields shown How To Backup
  16. Once the backup is complete a report can be viewed by Clicking “Report”
  17. This report can now be saved or printed for a more detailed view
  18. Then click “Close” and double click “My Computer”
  19. Select and double click “Local Disk (E)”
  20. Here “Fridays Backup” can be saved by burning to CD using the built in CD burning utility on Windows XP
  21. Right click on “Fridays Backup” and select “Send To” and choose “CD Drive (F)” to burn to CD
  22. The files are then copied to the CD writing utility
  23. Once the files are copied click on “Write these files to CD” on the side bar
  24. The “CD Writing Wizard will appear” and click “Next”
  25. The file is now in the process of being burnt to disk
  26. Once complete click “Finish”
  27. Once complete, to check the data is on the disk, double click “My Computer” and right click on “CD-RW”
  28. Select “Open”
  29. The file “Fridays Backup” can now be viewed on the CD
  30. If the CD is Re-Writeable the disk can be re-used by erasing the data by selecting “Erase this CD-RW” in the side bar
  31. The “CD Writing Wizard” will appear and click “Next”
  32. The data is now in the process of being erased from the disk
  33. Once complete click “Finish”

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