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Lesson:1 How to store data

Storing Data on External Devices.

A popular method of storing data is via external media such as external hard drives or memory sticks.
These are usually attached via the USB

How to store data

How to store data port which is found at the back of most machines.

  1. Now double click on “My Computer”
  2. Once the external drive is connected via the USB port it will appear as a “Removable Disk” under the “Devices with Removable Storage” view.
  3. Go back into the “Data” folder in the “C Drive”
  4. Right click the “Test” file and select “Copy” and click “Back”
  5. Click “Back” again
  6. Double click on the “Removable Disk”
  7. As before, right click within the window pane and select “Paste”
  8. The “test” file is now stored on the external drive

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