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VPN Virtual Private Network Lesson No:36

1346842273_435706491_1-Pictures-of--Learn-CCNA-in-five-days-one-to-one-fast-trackVPN (Virtual Private Network)

First of all we have to Learn about some terminologies

Types of Networks

1                   Public Network

A Network which is common for all the peoples and it is unsecured Network.

2                   Private Network

A Network which is personal for specific people and it is than Public Network secure.


1                   Dedicated Medium

A person network medium (Personal Towers etc)


1                   Internal Threats    Inside

2                   External Threats   Outside


1                   Clear Text

2                   Encrypted Form


As we have discussed above that a Private Network is more secure than the Public Network, so if we want to establish a Private Network between Lahore and New York than it is impossible to use Personal Medium (Dedicated Medium). And if we use the Internet Cloud between both sides then there are Threats from Outside Attack.

There for an other technique is used to establish a Private Network between long distance places which is called VPN (Virtual Private Networks) or Logical Private Network and we can secure over network from Threats.


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In the above topology there are two private networks (One in Lahore and Second is in New York) and they will remain private till they are not connected with each other as they are connected with each other using Internet Cloud it will be called a Public Network and we know public network is not secure.

And it is impossible to connect both networks using dedicated medium between Lahore and New York.


So we will use another Solution


We will create Logical Tunnels between both sides and the communication between both side (end devices) take place using this Tunnel and network become Secure and as secure networks are private network so this network will be called VPN (Virtual Private Network)


36 (2)

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 Note it that hackers can still Sniff the Data but they can not read it, because data passes from the tunnel in the Encrypted form.

How to Create VPN

We create VPN Tunnel between two sides using some techniques (Protocols)

Protocols using in VPN

  1.  PPTP     (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol)
  2.  L2TP      (Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol)
  3.  IP Sec   (Internet Protocol Security)

We mostly use IP Sec to create VPN Tunnel.

Features of IP Sec

  1. Data Confidentiality
  2. Data Integrity
  3. Peer Authentication

1                   Data Confidentiality


Data Confidentiality is always achieved with the help of Encryption of data.

If we use IP Sec Protocol between both ends then IP sec has a feature of encryption of data so it encrypts the data by using any Algorithm. (Conversion of data into unreadable form is called Encryption such as: Hello è  [IP Sec] è 5d$7#&1).


Types of Algorithm


1                   DES       Data Encryption Standard

2                   3DES     3 Data Encryption Standard

3                   AES        Advance Encryption Standard


36 (3)

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