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Jobs in Zong-Management Trainee (Projects Automation)

Job Description 

Application Development

  • Develop and implement the software applications as per user demands Technical developing existing programs by analyzing and identifying areas for modificationProject Execution & Reporting
  • Support in executing the Project with proper product and technical specifications and directions
  • Requirement gathering for reports and implementation on time

Unit Testing

  • To perform testing for all developed software
  • Tests new programs to ensure that logic and syntax are correct, and program results are accurate
  • Business Process logic Implementation
  • Code the required business logic/rules procedures and ensure their accuracy with thorough testing and quality assurance

User Support

  • Provide primary level of support to users by guiding them in their day to day problems
  • Configuration Management
  • Follow configuration management standards within the organization
  • Any in compliance should be reported and resolved as per management consent
  • Software Quality Assurance
  • To certify the application build up passes all the standard tests to ensure that software are organized in accordance withSoftware Acquisition Policy.

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Get Latest Jobs Via Email

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