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Versata : Come work with the top 1% of global talent to deliver critical enterprise apps for Fortune 500 companies. We offer a fast-pace environment where inventiveness and entrepreneurial drive are rewarded. We’re also one of the few IT companies offering high-paying jobs that are 100% remote, work from home. You never have to fight traffic to office again and you have the freedom to choose when and where you put in your 40 hours to be most effective each week.

In this role, you will work collaboratively in a team environment with managers and other developers and solve technical problems using the best technologies available. You will be accountable to deliver the solutions on schedule within the level of effort estimates and you will be expected to follow best practices with project standards in software development.

Position Overview

Our company is looking for a seasoned developer with 5+ years of experience to maintain and develop ERP system. ERP is written using Delphi XE2 and .NET. Roadmap includes migration to the cloud (HTML5, ASP.NET MVC, C#). Our ideal candidate must have 3+ years of experience with Delphi (UI, DB, COM+) and 2+ years of experience with .NET/C# development related to web (both frontend HTML/CSS/jQuery(JavaScript) and backend using ASP.NET MVC, C#). In addition, we require a great understanding of how the web works in general and how a web server functions.

As a Delphi & C# Engineer, your responsibilities will include:

  • Write and debug unit and integration tests for enterprise applications
  • Create and modify command line build and install packages
  • Transition existing code to new technologies and update third party components
  • Identify dependencies
  • Perform code reviews
  • Maintenance: fix issues in the ERP system; mostly UI related, less frequent business process related
  • ERP client is a Windows desktop app written in Delphi and uses various 3rd party UI components (including DevExpress)
  • Cloud migration: develop web page (jQuery, AJAX) based on the given HTML/CSS; creating backend (asp.net mvc, web api) for a web page
  • Ability to convert simple PSD to HTML/CSS

Total compensation is US$15/hr, for a full-time, 40-hour work week.

Desired Skills and Experience

Required Skills

  • Experience with Delphi 3 and/or 5
  • .Net C# developer with enterprise application experience
  • Good knowledge of Sql Server 2000 – 2008 (stored procedures, etc.)
  • Very good English communication skills (verbal and written)
  • Quick learner and ability to prioritize, team player, focused, result driven
  • A Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or equivalent
  • Languages:
    • Delphi
    • C#
    • JavaScript
    • HTML/CSS
    • SQL
  • Technologies:
    • COM/COM+
    • Linq
    • AJAX
    • jQuery
    • DevExpress (Delphi)
    • ADO
    • Dependency Injection,
    • Unit testing (DUnit, NUnit)
  • Understanding of Algorithms and Data Structures
  • Databases:
    • SQL Server
    • create/debug SQL queries
    • stored procedures
  • Web Backend:
    • C#
    • Web API
    • Razor
    • Entity Framework
  • Authentication/Authorization
  • Web Frontend:
    • ability to program frontend based on the given design (PSD);
    • AJAX

Desired Skills (not required, but a plus to have)

  • Java, JEE stack
  • VB6
  • Unit testing
  • Proficient in web technologies including WCF, MVC, Web API, and ASP.net
  • Can write code but also understand how to test what you write
  • Has a good grasp of the core tools included with Visual Studio professional
  • Can fix problems and also convey issues to others
  • Understanding of Business Intelligence processes (ETL, Cubes, Data Warehouse);
  • based on MS technologies
  • Understanding of typical processes an average ERP automates

You may be the ONE if:

    • You have a high level of learning capability
    • You possess solid management skills and analytical thinking abilities
    • You have excellent communication and interpersonal skills
    • You can work harmoniously in a distributed team
    • You can write clean and high quality code in C#
    • You are obsessively focused on quality, but hate starting from scratch when you know the problem has been solved.
    • You have a passion for iterative development, because that is what our service offers and the way we will build it! – “Shipping is a feature”
    • You spend 1-2 hours each week in study and research to become more expert on every product you work on.

To qualify, please provide a resume/CV demonstrating the required experience and skills. From there, to help us find the top 1% of talent, there will be a series of interviews and online skills examinations. We realize these are challenging and can require a decent amount of time – so we thank you in advance for your efforts. Please note that you will not be paid for these interviews or skills tests but we hope you will complete them to help us truly evaluate your talent in comparison to your peers.

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