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Jobs In United Arab Shipping Company (S.A.G.)

Responsible for preparation and implementation of the sales plan for the country, for the generation of business in accordance with the plan in order to optimise the results for UASC, and for the provision of excellent customer service to all UASC’s customers in order to maintain and increase levels of customer support.

Job Responsibilities :

  • Produce, together with Sales Team Leaders, and agree with Cluster Sales:
  • Country sales strategy (by trade and segment)
  • Budgets/Targets – volume/revenue/contribution – in total and for major accounts individually
  • Ensure that requirements for joint sales activity between Export/Import sites and for cross-trade accounts , including country to country dialogues are fully identified and pro-actively developed
  • Agree E commerce strategy and specific targets with Cluster sales
  • Identify specific support requirements needed to achieve E Commerce targets
  • Allocate accounts to sales teams/sales staff, with targets (as per above)
  • Monitor and review performance of individual sales teams/sales staff, including target results and action plans, business/contribution generated, sales leads, customer satisfaction etc.
  • Review quarterly (or more often as needed) sales performance, including volumes/contributions achieved both at country and individual sales teams/sales staff level, implement necessary corrections to the sales strategy, and report to Cluster Sales as required
  • Ensure procedures for use of 360 are fully understood, and monitor compliance
  • Agree cost budget for sales promotion with cluster sales, and oversee execution of sales promotion activities in the country
  • Oversee the management of local charges within the country, and agree plans for implementation of new charges, subject to cluster approval
  • Assess proposals for waiving of charges (sea freight and/or demurrage + detention/local charges) and approve/reject or forward with recommendation as appropriate according to the level of authority
  • Make recommendations for the granting of credit (in liaison with Finance Manager) for final approval in accordance with UASC’s credit procedures
  • Agree with Cluster Key Account Management which nominated key accounts and target accounts are to be managed at country level; review periodically and make proposals to Cluster Key Account Management for changes
  • Approve key account plans for nominated key accounts (incl interface with other countries/clusters as required)
  • Agree personal responsibilities within agency for key accounts
  • Ensure key account plans are implemented/followed up, and oversee progress/achievements against targets in the plan(s)
  • Act as Tender Sponsor for KA tenders where ownership rests with the agency. Also act as a sponsor for tenders where total size is less than 1,000 TEUS. Tender sponsor would act as an owner for the tender and oversee the tender process from time it enters UASC system and final negotiations completed with the customer, through close cooperation with the TMU
  • Support sales excellence methodology, and encourage the personal development of the staff in the department, through use of the appraisal system, and providing the required support and training

Desired Skills and Experience

Job Requirements :
Minimum Qualifications:

  • Bachelor degree
  • Preferably a degree in Management
  • Sales and Marketing studies are an advantage

Minimum Experience:

  • More than 5 years of experience in sales or sales support function in container shipping, or a related industry
  • Extensive Sales Management experience
  • Experience in container line shipping or similar international logistics business
  • Strong knowledge on sales support related tasks (i.e. customer service, booking, documentation, etc.)

Job-Specific Skills:

  • Experience in managing a sales team, eventually spread over different locations
  • Good knowledge of the container shipping/logistics industry

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