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Jobs In Unilever – JM (Business Intelligence Metro)

Key Tasks: 1. Master Data Management of 800 Unilever and Metro articles. 2. Complete operational responsibility of mapping prices in the system end to end.

3. EPOS monitoring of Metro (all Brands) and extensive analysis

4. Managing End Stocks SKU wise, Daily sales monitoring both on primary and secondary level.

5. Detailed Category wise sales management and analysis of value shares

6. Compilation and Aligning KAM team strategy brand wise Month on Month for sales volume forecast. Compilation of bottom s up number obtained from different regions.

7. Extensive Analysis for KAM team assisting in critical business decisions using BW, BO and SAP systems. Complete management of all data of METRO.

8. Comprehensive Profitability Analysis of different TGM’s of Metro.

9. Interaction with the customer on reconciliation of end stocks, TGM wise Growth.

10. Extensive Sales reporting- Daily sales monitoring, Weekly sales tracker, Monthly sales tracker, Geographical cuts of sales volume daily, monthly and quarterly.

11. Invoice disputes and face of metro with O2C teams.

Key Requirements in the position:-

1. Excellent command over Excel

2. Strong Analytical Skills.

3. Strong command over internal Unilever systems (ECC, BO, SAP, BW)

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