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Jobs in Unilever-Assistant Manager QA and QC


Business context
Quality being the integral part of the business plays a critical role of Business continuity. It is responsible for ensuring quality and hygiene of all the products and employees.

Main purpose of the role 
Oversee the quality assurance functions, responsible for developing quality management systems and their effective implementation keeping in view company’s goals and targets. To assist and support all inter-related functions on quality issues to achieve the goal of providing premium quality and safe products to consumers that can satisfy their desires.

Main Accountabilities

Communicate with consumers and authorities in order to answer all questions regarding quality of Unilever products.
Coach, develop, motivate and manage subordinates making sure they deliver expected performance and personal growth while maintaining a positive work environment and a motivating.
Map all processes in the company (not only linked to quality of products) and maintain their descriptions in order to fulfill the requirement of ISO 9000,14000 and 18000 as part of IMS.

Based on the annual business plan for the supply chain prepare  the annual plan and budget for the quality assurance function ensuring demands of the supply chain.

Functional skills

Hands on SAP QM experience
Strong auditing skills
Command on processed foods manufacturing
Quick online decision making
Managing consumer complaints
Develop and ensure effective implementation of quality management systems
Broad knowledge of the quality assurance role in end to end supply chain
Must have command on quality in innovation
Must be good trainer and able to work in resistant environment

Minimum qualification
Bachelor’s in Engineering/ Food Technology/ Applied chemistry
Minimum experience
Minimum 2 years in manufacturing, site engineering and quality assurance


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