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Jobs in Unilever-Assistant Manager Audit


Business context:

Internal Audit is the principal department to provide reassurance to the Board of Directors on the controls and risk environment of the Company.

Main purpose of the role:

To assist the Head of Internal Audit in performance of the aforementioned objectives of the department.

Main accountabilities:

1. People Management
2. Interpersonal Communication
3. Strategic Thinking
4. Problem Solving Skills
5. Teamwork Skills
6. Analytical Skills
7. Resourcefulness
8. Responsibility
9. Multi-Tasking

Functional Skills:

Should be a Qualified Accountant or Business Graduate well-versed with the technical skills required for the job.

General Skills:

Needs to be assertive, persistent, confident, team player and someone who can use networks strategically to carry out the job.

Minimum qualifications:


Minimum experience:

At least 2 years experience.


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