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Jobs in Unilever-Area Engineer


Main Purpose of the role:

Area Engineer is responsible for maintenance in Production Hall, mixing, cone baking and choclate plant. Responsible for safety within his/her area. Will also take up extra improvement projects under continuous improvement program. He/she is also responsible for 100% implementation of PM pillar co-ordinating his own team, production team and utilities mainly. His major deliverables are PM compliance, reduction in Failure rate & MTTR, improve MTBF.

Decisions: Maintenance team management decisions, Contract approval for new supplies/ services, Site/ equipment management, Inventory Management, Resource management, Cost control within specified budget, Trail and Commissioning plan related decisions, make or buy decision

Main Accountabilitites:

Leading mechanical and instrumentation departments, responsible for Repair & Maintenance of existing equipment base to upkeep of all machines upto optimum operational excellence level for maximum support to production processes while maintaining targeted Failure Rate, MTTR & MTBF.
Monitor and control budget for Repair & Maintenance for area. Inventory optimization.

Functional Skills:

Sound knowledge of Ice Cream technology, Operation, processes, machines, ingredients, SAP, interpersonal skills, communication skills, negotiations skill and Team alignment (regional and local team). TPM methodologies to solve complex process improvement projects.

General Skills:

Strong interpersonnel skills, People management, Strong team player, good coaching and mentoring abilities, Real accountability, Communication

Minimum qualifications:

Bachelors – BSC in Mechanical/ Mechatronics engineering

Minimum experience:

Minimum expereince of 2-3 years in Foods processing & packaging industry of repute


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