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Jobs In UBL – Manager Technical Support

Job Title: Manager Technical Support
Total Position: One
Job Type: Permanent
Job Location: Multan
Minimum Education: Graduation
Minimum Experience: 3 years of experience in Core Branch IT Services with sound technical knowledge of IT Systems.

• Should have ample experience to his / her credit in human resource management.
• Should possess leadership qualities with relevant experience to lead from the front
• Should also be a patient listener of issues being raised by internal customers and have the ability to resolve these to their satisfaction. Should not confine him / her to the office only and must be on the go and harness all resources to meet business needs.
• Requires excellent communication skills to interact with business groups at all levels.
• Strong oral and written communication skills (including the ability to draft understandable, clear and consistent documents on topics within the areas of responsibility).
• The job entails the incumbent to be proficient in understanding both IT & business functions so that he / she is in a position to translate business needs into technical solutions.
• Ability to manage multiple tasks, organize priorities and meet deadlines.
• Detailed attention to quality of deliverables and possess desire and ability to demonstrated initiative.

Key Responsibilities:
• Core and Integrated Systems Availability to users in Branches falling under area of IT Center Multan Support, as a result of which End of Day must be completed in all branches, pertaining to the same day. Furthermore, Closing/Profit/Zakat Cycles should be successfully and timely processed meeting Business / State Bank / Internal Audit requirements.
• Establish excellent communication skills with different business groups in order to address their requirements and meet them once every half year.
• Preparing branches with IT Infrastructure (Local Area Networking/Electrification/Grounding) marked for automation or branch premises shifting, within the target dates, falling under the ambit of IT Center Multan.
• Follow-up IT Center Multan team members for the completion of H.O related targets. (ATM, Online, Automation Projects/Software Rollouts/Internal Audit and SBP Compliance, etc), Within the target dates.
• Formulation of policies, procedures and processes to constitute Standard Operating Procedures for various activities ensuring their meticulous implementation.
• Administration of his/her IT Center.
• Management of technical resources under his/her Center to support automated online/offline branches and keep them updated thru periodic trainings. Evaluate subordinates in a judicious and just manner which reflects transparency in management.

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