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Jobs In Telenor Pakistan

Employment Type: Telenor Permanent
Why should you join Telenor:At Telenor Pakistan, we give you the opportunity to become a skilled professional in your chosen field of interest. Being rated as the top employer of the country, we enable you to realize your dreams in an environment of diversity and openness to new mindsets. 

Position related:
Telenor Global shared services – Pakistan, a Shared Service Centre, is the service provider of IT Solutions and various allied IT and functional support services in the areas of finance, accounts, HR and SCM to the Telenor Group companies globally.

One of our Group companies, Telenor Digital (Norway) is hiring IS/IT experts placed locally but working globally. As part of our Telenor Digital team you will run the operations of and do new development on our java based global backend.Area of Interest:

  • IT Solutions

Location Islamabad

Eligibility Criteria (Education/Experience/ Certifications):

Education: Master’s degree in IT/Engineering/Computer Sciences or equivalent
– Work experience:
– 2-5 years of professional experience is desired.
– Must have Knowledge and experience with object oriented programming.
– Experience with Linux UN*X, Java, networked services (HTTP / REST), databases (SQL and/or NoSQL) required.
– Experience with distributed computing and cloud-based computing (AWS) would be a plus.
– The ideal candidate has product development experience building dependable, large scale distributed software systems.
– Be proficient in all areas of SDLC- analysis, design, implementation, testing, performance tuning, debugging and operations.
– Experience with payment related products would be a plus.
Goals As software engineer on the Global Backend Team you will be a vital player in making sure everything keeps working as intended, and helping developing new functionalities.Potential Career Path:Cross functional – Development / Architect position of other domains/functions
Vertical – Operations Manager
Opportunities in similar role in TP locally and GSS and Telenor group globally
Your typical day at work:As an Operations Engineer
– Responsibility for 24×7 operations work.
– Surveilling re-actively TD product and system performance, such as:
– Telenor Global ID (Connect)
– Payment (incl. DOB)
– Infrastructure
– Executing troubleshooting / fixes according to SOP-s (Playbooks)
– The team is available to respond to incident failures at all times.
– The team is reactive and will respond to alarms from automated or manual systems, including incident reports received by phone.
– The team must be in a position to start addressing an incident no later than 5 minutes after receiving the alarm.
– During incident handling, the operations team is responsible for:
– Triage the failure to determine that it meets the bar for 24×7 operations.
– Follow playbooks to confirm the failure and attempt a resolution.
– Coordinate with upstream and downstream partners if the failure is caused by or causing failures in external systems operated by partners.
– Escalate unresolved failures to the responsible development team.
– Escalate severe failures to Telenor Digital management for crisis management.
– Record information about alarm handling, such as root cause analysis and cost (time) of resolution.
– As a Development Engineer Developing any new or improving existing functionality of the Telenor Digital Global Backend. Tasks will range from front end development, android app development and hard core back-end systems with distributed systems and related challenges.
– You are expected to participate in the full process, starting with understanding the requirements and ending with testing the finished feature.
– Work closely with your counterparts in Norway. We value the ability to work in short iterations and quickly adapt to new requirements.
Functional Skills/Knowledge Areas:Interpersonal/Professional Skills:
– Ability to work independently
– Excellent problem solving skills,
– Task oriented with focus on deliverables
– Innovative with an analytical mindset
– Capable of meeting deadlines while ensuring quality
– Be able to work under pressure in a challenging environment
– Fluency in English language
– Ability to travel frequently and over extended periods
– Ability to work within multiple time zones and diverse cultures
Application Deadline:26-Jan-2015 

Application Status:Online



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