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1)To provide business stakeholders and committees with:
a)A single point of contact in the country with respect to Group Internal Audit (GIA);
b)GIA’s view on significant risks within the business(es) and an assessment as to whether these risks are being adequately managed and escalated if appropriate;
2)To assist the Head of Audit in:
a)Preparing Country Audit Needs/ Risk Assessments and detailed audit plans;
b)An assessment on the appropriateness of the audit plans
c)An anticipatory approach to risk assessment to GIA by highlighting issues through good stakeholder communication in order to improve audit planning;
3)To carry out reviews and establish an effective Country Audit function that:
a)Provides independent assurance to relevant stakeholders on the state of the Country control environment (local audits and CE reviews) and control discipline (RBA reviews);
b)Assists in carrying out Audits and Assurance reviews in other countries as required by the Country/ Area/ Regional Head of Audit from time to time.
Key Roles & Responsibilities

Risk Assessment:

•Ensure early identification and escalation of risks, issues, trends and developments to relevant stakeholders. Be prepared to raise issues/concerns outside the normal audit process;
•Adopt an anticipatory approach to risk assessment through stakeholder communication and monitoring of external environment to improve audit planning;
•Delivery of the agreed audit plan for the country / region as assigned; understanding the key audit issues arising and escalating any significant audit findings that remain unresolved;
•Attend BORGs on a regular basis;
•Review country MIS regularly; Avoid surprises.
•Update country ANAs on a six monthly basis

Audit Planning/Design:
•Help to develop an annual audit plan; Ensure plan is developed to meet the Group & Audit Committee’s expectations.

Audit activity – Country Audit, Rules Based Assurance & Control Effectiveness Reviews
•Carry out the department’s audits, to ensure departmental mandate and business goals are met and that professional standards are maintained at all times.
•Execute audit and assurance assignments to provide independent, objective assurance to the Audit Committee.
•Ensure GIA methodology is adhered to; initially the Country Audit and Assurance methodology and then the amalgamated Assurance and GIA methodology
•Ensure Country Audit activity is sufficient to meet the requirements/expectations of local Regulators

Issue Resolution and follow up:

•Ensure issues raised are appropriately resolved in a timely manner
•Ensure appropriate follow up of issues and escalations where appropriate.
Reporting, Communication & Engagement

•Ensure final reports are delivered for review by Country Head of Audit with all recommendations agreed and accepted by the audited individual/group.
•Delivery of country MIS in respect of the activity undertaken to Country Head of Audit;
•Conduct / attend regular stakeholder meetings
Improving the Practice of Audits/Championing Risk Management
•Build relationships with leaders across the country to understand issues and identify areas for improvement for the organisation as a whole.
•Share best practice to improve the control environment; make recommendations to Country Head ofAudit
Qualifications & Skills
Institute of Internal Auditors or equivalent finance qualification (ACCA, CPA, etc.) with Internal Auditexperience preferred, but part completion will be accepted.
•Some (2+ years) experience in Internal Audit roles, preferably in a bank will be an advantage.
•Team player able to work effectively with diverse client groups
•Good communicator with an ability to gain the respect from peers, management and businessstakeholders;
•Is confident and courageous to raise concerns and issues with Head of Internal Audit.
•Is self directed and able to work with minimum supervision; escalating issues in appropriately and in a timely manner;
•Some analytical and evaluation ability

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