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Jobs in Standard Chartered Bank-Relationship Manager

Job Description

  • Negotiate with clients and formulate repayment/ settlement plans.
  • Restructure irregular lines into bankable structures within the scope of an overall exit/ revival plan.
  • Work out revival plans/ strategies for watchlisted/ non-performing businesses along with  other lenders and define scope of bank’s participation in the same.
  • Liaise and co-ordinate with external agencies – legal/ monetary/ government and regulatory – for implementation of the exit/ revival/ settlement plans.
  • Seek market information to identify proactively industry related problems, any negative market trends, negative rumours and potentially problem relationships.


  • Continuously improving standards of risk management and maintain a higher quality of lending.
  • Maximisation of recoveries from exposures which are watchlisted, qualified as non-performing.
  • Maximise recovery of interest and other incidental revenues from settlement plans/ work outs/ restructured lines.
  • Exit from relationships marked for exit.

Key Roles & Responsibilities

  • Analyse substandard accounts to identify problems, establish and implement revival, exit or recovery strategies. Formulate and implement plans to achieve the desired objectives, preserving the values of collateral and averting further downside risks.
  • Negotiate with the customers for agreeing on terms for the above mentioned objectives which are in the overall best interest of the bank.
  • Proactively monitor progress of strategies and plans, and ensure timely adjustment to changing circumstances.
  • Control all operations across designated accounts to ensure compliance with agreements, regulations etc.
  • Preparation (timeliness and contents) of all internal and external reports.
  • Specific Responsibilities are:
  • Meet with the customers – including visits to all material places of the business – to negotiate the implementation of rehabilitation/ work out/ recovery strategies. Formulate recommendations and document progress.
  • Execute Agreements on exit/ restructuring etc.
  • Review credit files, financials and secure documentation to identify causes and current status.
  • Control and monitor exposure on ownership accounts.
  • Evaluate reports and limit applications from line and prepare submissions for facilities under GSAM control.
  • Ensure receipt and analysis of adequate information to progress – budgets/ asset listings, security etc.
  • Prepare/ supervise recommendations for placing/ releasing interest in suspense and provisions.
  • Attend syndicate meetings, court proceedings etc. and adequately represent the bank.
  • Provide approvals and liaise with operational departments – Operations/ Trade/ Finance/ CRC etc.
  • Ensure that all accounts under ownership meet the standards for Audit both internal and external.

Qualifications & Skills

  • BBA/ MBA or equivalent from a reputed local and foreign university.
  • Proactive, outgoing and good interpersonal and negotiation skills.
  • Understanding of Corporate banking and trade products.
  • Prior experience as a Relationship Manager in Corporate or Special Assets for Corporate is essential.
  • Minimum of 5 years work experience.
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