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Jobs in Standard Chartered Bank-Relationship Manager (Leasing)

Job Description
1)  Relationship Building: 

• To build and maintain a healthy lease / factoring portfolio in accordance with SCLL policies and guidelines.
• To ensure prompt service to customers and timely addressing to their needs.
• Achieve optimum utilization of approved lines, and maintain the required asset yield through aggressively marketing of SCLL’s products.
• To ensure portfolio compliance with the pre-defined parameters of SCLL’s policy / underwriting standards.
• To generate Certificate of Investment (COI).
• Credit risk review. Ensuring timely submission of credit reviews/BCAs and full compliance with group guidelines.
• Contribute positively towards the overall business objectives of the team.

2) Risk Management Compliance : 

• Risk management. Monitoring of asset risk, monthly repayments and documentation discrepancies with respect to the assigned portfolio.
• Comprehensive Risk Management covering industry analysis, financial analysis and projected performance. Effectively monitor risk and keep abreast of market developments to ensure proactive or remedial action in order to maintain the quality of risk within the portfolio.
• To ensure proper maintenance of the MIS & other reporting to the Branch Manager

3) Collection & Recovery Functions 
• To actively monitor the Collection / Recovery portfolio including G-SAM accounts. To keep close contact with Collection & Recovery Department at Head Office to resolve the assigned portfolio.
• To actively pursue litigation portfolio while keeping close contact with lawyers and Legal Department.

4) H.R. development / discipline: 

• Embed a strong performance oriented culture
• Ensure more interaction & involvement with the team for better understanding of the company’s modus operandi.
• Ensure completion of ILDP & attendance of at least 7 working days training in a year
• Identify various in house & external courses to develop talent.

Key Roles & Responsibilities

5) Sales & Sales Culture 

• Pro-actively establish, develop and maintain a portfolio of corporate clients within business unit’s target market, ensuring that new relationships or ongoing requirements of existing clients attain maximum revenue within acceptable risk profile requirements. Market to existing and potential clients the full complement of products and services offered by the SCLL.
• Prospecting high-net worth individuals and cash rich organizations to generate Certificate of Investments.
• Ensure timely submission of credit reviews / BCAs and full compliance with group guidelines. “Zero overdue” review position to be maintained. Ensure complete implementation of Group Operational Risk Policies and its components, in spirit and substance.
• Proactively monitor risk and spot warnings, formalize strategies and manage risk. Maintain close contact with the customers in order to develop in-depth understanding of their businesses and market dynamics, with specific reference to CDD.
• Manage problem accounts by devising an account management strategy e.g., daily monitoring payment of timely lease rentals, preparing regular Early Alert Reports where account is on EAR, escalating early warning signals through analysis of interim financials of the lessees. Identify through account management potential defaulting accounts and investigate through closer management of the account cause for concern and recommend to Unit Head appropriate remedial action.
• Contain and minimize loan losses to the budgeted level. Accurate and timely identification of potential problem.  Achieve a No bad debt / nil losses position.
• Ensuring portfolio compliance with Group Standards for both Credit and Audits. Minimum audit rating of ‘2’ to be achieved / maintained.  No adverse comment or report on accounts managed, which is to be evaluated based “on no financial / reputational loss” to SCLL.
• Ensure that all related administrative functions, most importantly file maintenance, including regular asset inspections, risk trigger monitoring, call reports, petty cash maintenance, periodic updates on financial performance of borrowers, insurance coverage of leased assets, are performed meticulously with an aim to be prepared for audit at all times.
• Ensuring accomplishment of satisfactory audit rating for Credit & Marketing.
• Promote / develop SCLL’s portfolio through inter-departmental linkages for effective cross sell to ensure implementation of “ONE BANK” in referrals of Business deals / working relationships. Cross – selling of Group’s products through joint calling with Corporate Banking, Consumer Banking, Cash Management and Trade.
• Enhance market perception of SCLL as a key player as well as an employer with long term growth potential. To assist in promoting greater visibility through market penetration, product launch / higher wallet.
• Adhere to Sales Management process and improve market penetration, track own performance and sharpen client service quality.
• Contribute in the development of new products and revision of current business practices.
• Assist Branch Manager in administrative tasks at SCLL, Lahore.
• Work as a team player.
• Restructuring issues, balance confirmations, tax related issues, lease terminations, etc).
• Relating to the approval of limit applications, excesses, renewal, etc.
• Matters relating to group synergies especially with overlap customers.
• Relating to foreign exchange, interest rates and derivatives for corporate services and products for corporate clients.

Qualifications & Skills

• MBA or Equivalent with a reputable institute with Major in Finance & Marketing.
• Atleast 3-4 years of work experience with a leasing company / bank;
• Strong team player able to work effectively with diverse stakeholders;
• Strong communication skill both in verbal and written communication;
• Well versed with local regulation requirement;
• An ambassador for the SCB Brand internally & externally.


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