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Jobs In Standard Chartered Bank – Officer (CMO)

To ensure the management of processing related activities, verify customer details, carry out their complaint resolution with proper investigation for the issue/case. To help team in smooth running of BAU. To be part of projects, audits and other assignments assigned by their line managers

Key Roles & Responsibilities


* Ensure operations are conducted in accordance with Management guidelines, Group Policies, Departmental Operating Instructions, and the Group’s Guidelines for Money Laundering, the agreed customer service standards, the operational risk and State Bank’s statutory requirements.
* Ensure all operations within the department is carried out as per the Departmental Operational instructions.
* Ensure work allocated to staff is completed on time and quality of work is not compromised.
* Provide input in development of systems and processes to improve accuracy, TAT and reduce processing cost.
* Follow Service Level Agreements established with key internal departments effectively and efficiently.
* Ensure all instructions received in the department for processing are properly scrutinized before processing is performed.
* Ensure that all transactions received by the cut-off time are processed on the same day.
* Ensure that there is no income leakage with respect to tariff to charges and ensure correct charges are recovered from the customer’s accounts.
* Ensure charges are being recovered accurately from the customers and proper check and control is in place for monitoring.
* Ensure that the Line Manager is updated on the sources of errors and problems, including delays with completion of work so that appropriate action can be taken.
* Ensure proper scrutiny of instruments along with endorsement and accuracy of input in light of statutory and SCB controls.
* Ensure that the responses to customer queries / CSG are given in a timely and professional manner.
* Ensure all Internal & External Audits are passed.
* To be fully conversant with Group and Regulatory policies and also ensure that the staff have complete understanding of the Group and Regulatory policies.
* Act as a backup for staff on leave or in any contingency as per department backup schedule and contingency plans.
* To ensure all operational risk and loss items are promptly reported to Head of CMO and reported into Phoenix.
* Participate in meetings with stake holders so that operational issues effecting service quality can be addressed in a timely manner.
* To sign as one of the signatories on Pay order/Drafts issued by the department as per DOA.
* Ensure that no amounts are outstanding in suspense accounts for more than the defined aging without proper justification.
* Escalate issues to the management as per Group Policy.
* Ensure to process and approve all transactions as per DOA.
* Ensure that all RTGS transactions are processed within time and as per regulations.
* Ensure close co-ordination with other departments/sections of Operations to avoid oversights or duplication of work.
* Ensure that the Local Outward Payments team is updated on the sources of errors and problems, including delays with completion of work so that appropriate action can be taken.
* Ensure that all standing instructions are processed timely on execution date.
* Ensure all reports are checked and signed off on daily basis.
* Ensure that all errors are recorded in error register and informed to Head of CMO.
* Ensure that all outstanding entries in Nostro, Sundry and Suspense account are resolved within agreed timeline.
* Ensure to update Line Manager for any unusual transaction and closure of the issue.
* Ensure to conduct Detica check where applicable
* Ensure all activities assigned in COPMAN to the respective staff are completed on daily basis.
* Take actions for staff development and increase their motivation level and ensure work life balance within the department.
* Authorized to pass entries in Sundry and Suspense accounts, paying commission to correspondent banks, signing of Local Bankers Cheque and Drafts
* Authorized to take custody of control of stocks of Drafts, Cashier’s Orders, blank cheques, security papers, and pending customer instructions under dual control with second custodian
* Verify Customer Signatures, from eCSVS & GASB and Manual file maintained, but not involved in Call Back and processing of transaction of particular transaction.
* Call back to Customer on threshold limit amount, but not involved in Signature Verification & processing of transaction of particular transaction.
* Authorize / Release the transactions from SC Star AML queue, but not involved in particular transaction processing.
* Authorize to perform Fax/email/ other legal indemnity checks, Regulatory documentary checks (wherever applicable), Other Pre-processing checks including funds sufficiency & Sanction checking but will not involved in particular transaction processing.
* Custodian of Keys/Combination as one of the two custodians to hold Blank Pay orders / Demand Draft / STS Stationery / issued Pay orders / Demand Draft / STS instruments / Customer Cheque / Dividend Warrant Stationery and other bank cheques which need to be sent on Collection, client pending instructions/letters and other items of similar nature. Also included printer Boxes. And will not be custodian of second key combination of particular safe/lock.
* Printer used is a shared utility, so official authorized to print and collect the Customer Statements / Advises / Confirmations / Notifications from the printer.
* Authority mandate provided as with Centralized Unit to ensure queries or clarifications raised are answered by the authorized staff, by use of CMO processing/supporting systems i.e including but not limited to Email, FileNet Workflow, or any other approved system.
* As CPC staff authorized to act as Maker or Checker for responding to SSC queries / clarifications / approvals.
* Authorized to open file through password / access / edit / upload files and upload into systems must be under dual control with second authorized official.

Health and Safety

* Responsible for the health and safety aspects within your area of control.

Risk Management
* Enhance the control environment to minimise operational risk.
* Review operational risk reports and initiate and approve action plans. Follow up on progress/action plans to address operational risks.
* Identify processing risks or inefficiencies and implement appropriate and effective changes.
* Co-ordination and advisory services on all aspects of the Group Operations Risk Management structure through:
o Group Operations Risk Management Guidelines
o Group Manuals and Process Guide
* Ensure to be engaged in AML measure, ensure that staff receives required AML training, monitor suspicious transactions and report it through SAR process.
* Ensure that BCP is tested as per the Group Policy and participate in testing for successful end to end drill.

Service Quality

* To provide high quality service to customers.
* Establish service standards and ensure that they are achieved.
* To build a service culture in operations.
* To be proficient in dot OPAL, RCMS, SC Star, STS etc.
* To user test all enhancements on the model system.

Information Technology

* Work with IT department in implementing new or improved software, automate manual processes.
* Review system reports to manage access and usage risk and exercise local banking regulations and build strong relationship with the central bank.
* Create and maintain a compliance culture through maintenance of the Compliance Risk Management Framework (CRM) within the business, co-ordinate and assist in regulatory and other audits, sample testing of compliance monitoring undertaken by the compliance representatives, Ensure timely completion of compliance management actions and timely submission of accurate compliance reports, including the execution of monitoring actions as per section E of the Matrices.

Qualifications & Skills

* Bachelor’s degree from a recognised university.
* Must have basic knowledge of practices, regulations and methods of Banking.
* Basic knowledge of local & internal clearing mechanism.
* Must have basic Product knowledge of various products being handled in CMO
* Must be customer-focused.
* Must have good knowledge and concept of Quality in Service Delivery.
* Basic Communication Skills.
* Basic time-management and organising skills.
* Must have fair understanding of IT systems with ability to evaluate its applicability to the business environment.

How To Apply

You can search and view current opportunities across our organisation and apply immediately by visiting www.standardchartered.com and selecting Careers. To help speed up your application, please note the following:

– You will need to log in (or register if you are visiting our careers site for the first time) before you can apply for a specific role

– Some roles may require you to undertake an online talent assessment in addition to completing the application form (to facilitate this process it is preferable that you provide us with an email address as part of your contact information)
– We will ask you about your education, career history and skills and experience, it may be helpful to have this information at hand when completing your application

It usually takes 15 – 20 minutes to complete the application form; you can save your application at any time and return to complete it at your convenience.

Closing Dates

The closing date for applications is 25/12/2014. Please note all closing dates are given in Hong Kong time (GMT + 8 hours). We aim to respond to successful applicants within four weeks and will keep a record or your application in our database so that we can contact you when suitable vacancies arise in future.

Diversity & Inclusion

Standard Chartered is committed to diversity and inclusion. We believe that a work environment which embraces diversity will enable us to get the best out of the broadest spectrum of people to sustain strong business performance and competitive advantage. By building an inclusive culture, each employee can develop a sense of belonging, and have the opportunity to maximise their personal potential.


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