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JOB PURPOSE: 1. Focus and implement an effective Operational Risk Framework (ORF) [former: ORMAF] within the business unit to ensure operational risks and controls are being managed appropriately at the business unit level in a proactive, risk based and disciplined manner to meet external, internal and regulatory requirements. 2. Review and monitor Product / business operational risk management from an end-to-end basis based on CB Governance Framework. 3. Ensure proper functioning of day-to-day controls, periodic monitoring activities, and timely identification and resolution of risk issues. 4. Promote a strong operational risk management and compliance culture.

Key Roles and Responsibilities: KEY RESPONSIBILITIES: Implement and monitor ORF: 1. Support with implementing ORF across the business unit, execute the first line self assessment model, report on and analyze operational risks profile to BORF, any other equivalent committee in the country, as well as Group. Track and follow through management actions to mitigate identified operational risks exposure. 2. Facilitate, embed, deploy and execute key control standards (KCS), key control sample testing (KCST) and key risk indicators (KRI) within business unit. 3. Report losses, risk events, policy deviations, CST/KCI & KRI exception, and engage appropriate stakeholders on timely remedial actions; escalate key risk situations that pose significant risk. 4. Identify new, thematic and developing risks; provide operational risk advice through ORF and ad hoc reviews (Accountability reviews, Lessons Learnt reviews, Process / Control reviews) at the unit level. Monitor business risk/return prior to product launch and during the product life cycles: 1. Understand risk profile and deploy/utilise Operational Risk Assessment Matrix, Delegated Authorities Matrix and the Risk Management Process. 2. Incorporate all significant gross operational risks into new Country Addenda through the use of the risk and control monitors, and relevant documentation of end-to-end process. 3. Assess regularly existing business key controls against the risk control monitor to assess the level of control effectiveness, efficiency and relevancy in risk mitigation Implement effective risk management process with Wealth Product Group: 1. Risk Identification: i) Identify and assess E2E gross operational risks ii) Document accordingly (Risk Profile, Country Addenda, Risk Register etc) iii) Reporting of exposures for acceptance at the appropriate governance level. 2. Risk Assessment: i) Assess Gross Risk Exposure ii) Design effective mitigating controls iii) Implement risk control iv) Conduct BAU activities with agreed risk controls 3. Risk Acceptance: i) Follow through risk acceptance process to comply with ORF and delegation of authority ii) Promote approval of acceptance of residual risks above appetite 4. Risk Monitoring: i) Implement systematic monitoring on process control effectiveness – Monitor key control indicators – Conduct independent sample testing of controls ii) Provide MIS as per agreed key controls, and escalate if needed, to appropriate management iii) Review and monitor MIS, do trend analysis, accept or escalate risks iv) Design, approve and implement action to mitigate gaps identified 5. Operational Risk Recording / Reporting: i) Capture gross and residual risk exposure identified and OR loss promptly and accurately in Phoenix in accordance with Group’s Operational Risk Policies and Procedures ii) Follow through appropriate escalation and approval required Influence the development of an operational risk culture: 1. Implement policies, procedures, and ensure compliance. 2. Maintain operational risk view across all end to end processes in each business unit product and service value stream. 3. Coordinate training efforts to promote risk management and compliance culture within the Business unit. Ensure gaps are identified and staff are suitably trained on operational risk and compliance. Audit and Operational Risk Interface: 1. As the key business interface with Audit and OR functions including BORC. 2. Coordinate audits 3. Develop and implement Management Action Plan in Audits 4. Socialize Audit findings and re-assess the control effectiveness as part of the residual risk ratings

Qualifications and Skills: Minimum Bachelors Qualification. Should have relevant experience.

How To Apply: You can search and view current opportunities across our organisation and apply immediately by visiting www.standardchartered.com and selecting Careers. To help speed up your application, please note the following:

– You will need to log in (or register if you are visiting our careers site for the first time) before you can apply for a specific role

– Some roles may require you to undertake an online talent assessment in addition to completing the application form (to facilitate this process it is preferable that you provide us with an email address as part of your contact information)
– We will ask you about your education, career history and skills and experience, it may be helpful to have this information at hand when completing your application

It usually takes 15 – 20 minutes to complete the application form; you can save your application at any time and return to complete it at your convenience.

Closing Dates: The closing date for applications is 10/07/2015. Please note all closing dates are given in Hong Kong time (GMT + 8 hours). We aim to respond to successful applicants within four weeks and will keep a record or your application in our database so that we can contact you when suitable vacancies arise in future.

Diversity and Inclusion: Standard Chartered is committed to diversity and inclusion. We believe that a work environment which embraces diversity will enable us to get the best out of the broadest spectrum of people to sustain strong business performance and competitive advantage. By building an inclusive culture, each employee can develop a sense of belonging, and have the opportunity to maximise their personal potential.

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