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Jobs In Procter & Gamble – Financial Analyst

Job description: Procter & Gamble Finance & Accounting offers you the opportunity to experience a breadth of assignments as well as the flexibility to meet your individual career objectives as we work together to build our businesses.

Finance & Accounting is unique within Procter & Gamble since we work across every area of the business, both domestically and globally. The role within P&G is to provide leadership to business decision making as well as manage the Company’s financial and accounting affairs to maximize long-term profits, cash flow, and total shareholder return.

Our assignments offer you the opportunity to make an immediate impact on business, while you
continue to build your analytical, technical, and leadership skills.

You will be responsible for:

  • financial & risk evaluation of new initiatives
  • initiative tracking; competitive analysis
  • pricing & cost structure analysis
  • Treasury
  • profit forecasting


Minimum education Bachelors with relevant finance experience.Must have proven success from school or work experience of strong leadership by envisioning, direction setting and enrolling others; thinking/problem solving; creativity & innovation; initiative & follow-through; communication; and priority setting
Requisition Number: FIN00003263

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