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Main Purpose: Key Accounts Manager will be primarily be responsible for on premise accounts development, responsible for delivering AOP Volumes based on annual plans including budgets and implementation of these plans in designated on premise accounts nationally.

The role will be directly managing PepsiCo On Premise accounts, and improve PepsiCo beverages footprint nationally . The role is required to support and work in close partnership with PepsiCo bottlers.


Channel Management:

  • The incumbent in this role has additional responsibility of delivering the overall revenue vision alongside rolling out the revenue agenda through the bottler key account managers’ team
  • Key Accounts Manager -OP will be involved in all contractual negotiations with customers.
  • Support the National Key Accounts Manager on all analytic and financial analysis
  • Monitor KPIs as contractual terms are implemented in on premise accounts
  • Submit financial and KPI information to the National Key Accounts manager as requested
    Track financial benefits / impacts of various promotions and activations done on modern trade accounts.

Manage OP Business Requirement

  • Stay abreast of business strategy, plans and requirements, as well as with National Sales initiatives for execution.
  • Understand and manage requirements within channel enabling business performance improvement or competitive advantage enhancement.
  • Drive solution based discussion, effectively leveraging support from PepsiCo bottler key accounts teams, build business case and cost benefit analysis
  • Work with NKAM to build business case and facilitate prioritization and approvals in the context of PepsiCo Sales Execution framework
  • Identify and develop new on premise accounts and implement sales driver tools in new channels.

Customer Management

  • Develop relationship with on premise account buyers and lead activations and consumer/trade promotions in these accounts.
  • Manage relationship with on premise customers and ensure execution of contractual terms agreed with the customers.

Manage In Store execution plans:

  • Responsible for co-developing in store execution plans with NKAM with particular focus on assuring prominent visibility of PepsiCo brands in store.
  • Influence working stakeholders for buy-in and business ownership.
  • Communicate with relevant functions to advocate the project and ensure intended progress are met
  • Work with other internal teams, such as Marketing, Franchise, Operations and Capability teams to leverage solution and support.

Manage Promotion plans

  • Responsible for co-developing consumer promotion and consumer engagement plans with NKAM with particular focus on enhancing sales/brand image of PepsiCo brands

Market Insights & Intelligence

  • Keep an eye on Market Intelligence based on historical data analysis and customer / consumer & shopper insights
  • Get Response Plan proposal aligned with NKAM / Capability Director
  • Monitor the execution of Competitors to ensure timely response Plan

Ensure Compliance with Controls Policies and Procedures

  • Maintain 100% financial compliance with control policies and procedure.

Performance Measurements:

  • Sales Volumes, New Initiative execution and improvement, functional compliance and leadership to PepsiCo bottler key accounts manager

Cross Functional Alliance:

  • This role actively manages overall execution of plans through partnering with bottler key account managers team.
  • The role is also responsible to partner with multiple stakeholders – Brands, NKAM, Bottler key account managers


  • MBA from any renowned institute
  • Understanding the business


  • At least 4-5 years of work experience in Key Accounts or Corporate Sales.


  • Building Winning Relationships
  • Identifying Sales Opportunities
  • Negotiating Win-Win solutions
  • Selling with Insights
  • Executing Winning Sales Plans
  • Leveraging Financial Concepts
  • Planning & Organizing ( Multiple priority management)
  • Acting with Integrity (consistent with company ethics and values)
  • Decision making.
  • Inspiring trust
  • Strong Collaborating & Influencing Skills
  • Must have exceptional results orientation – with a high degree of personal initiative and leadership.


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