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Manages, controls and continuously improves financial performance within a specific function/process or defined business site/account.

Main Responsibility Area

Responsible for business results specifically through making recommendations and challenging the specific management team on financial and customer/business related items. Preparing, analyzing and reporting according to Nokia Networks planning process timelines and deliverables and facilitating planning process implementation. Supporting business decision making in the areas of preparing investment and/or customer financing proposals, monitoring financial variations to provide early warning to management and managing risks/credit issues. Contributing to continuous improvement of processes, systems and training in F&C related areas and approving SOPs.

Position Description

1 Responsible for accurate, timely and quality periodic reporting data, analysis and
planning of project related financials (sales, costs, gross margin, inventory, receivables,
resource planning) across all BU’s and BL’s (Customer Business Controller accountable)
2. Ensures compliance with NSN financial policies, instructions, guidance, processes, tools,
accounting principles and internal controls in the project
3. Sets up and maintains accurate demand and financial planning of the project in the
appropriate tools.
4. Proactively monitors and controls the financial and operational performance of project
against plan in cooperation with GS CPM. Applies official Customer Operations (CO) and
Global Services (GS) KPIs and develops any other KPI’s or measurement methods
needed to control the project.
5. Identifies and flags risks impacting project margin and actively contributes to risk
mitigation, proposing corrective actions including accrual bookings and needed
6. Provides project financial and progress analysis to COM/ PM/ CaPM/ MS Operations
Manager, Customer Business Controller, in cooperation with GS CPM, to support CT
and project team in decision making and to trigger action to manage variances against
the cost baseline
7. Responsible for cost of sales and revenue recognition accuracy by aligning with logistics
and GS CPMs (Customer Business Controller accountable)
8. Supports the Customer Business Controller in maintaining the project PoC accounting
calculation and preparation of RRB materials. Understands the applied revenue
recognition method.
9. Responsible for correct order, invoicing and inventory data by aligning with logistics
10. Coordinates system setups together with Customer Business Controller, Logistics and
GS CPMs at the beginning of the project to ensure system structure enables full
transparency and control. Coordinates required system set up maintenance during
project and system closing activities at the end of the project.
11. Provides information on NSN system capabilities to support various business models
during tendering
12. Prepares audit evidence to ensure internal control compliance in conjunction with
Customer Business Controller

Position Requirements

knowledge of SAP, Microsoft Excel, Nelle and PRS is a must

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