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Will be responsible to maintain and manage CCMS team and a Tool which CS has developed in Middle east to serve Managed Services customers.

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They will be software developers who will be

1. Supporting the product.

2. Managing day to day operations..

3. Building roadmap for the product

4. Enhancing the functionality and features within the product.

Desired Skills and Experience


  1. Graduate in CS / SE with 3+ years of experience
  2. Good experience or knowledge of C/C++ / .NET (C#)
  3. Strong grasp of OOP, SDLC, DBMS and Data Structures
  4. Socket programming and distributed application development experience
  5. In-depth multi-threaded application development experience or concepts
  6. Excellent analytical, programming and problem solving skills


  1. Ability to work independently
  2. Good knowledge of .NET Framework, C#, ASP.Net, Web Forms, ADO .NET and Web Services
  3. Knowledge/experience in Java

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