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Governments and societies worldwide are increasingly recognizing the importance of developing their education systems to enable their economies and citizens to build sustainable economies and be able to compete globally. Within any country typically 15%-30% of the population are part of the education eco system – whether this be students, educators, administrators, education elites (incl. governments’ policy advisors) or government officials. This community has a huge impact on how technology is adopted and used to prepare the next generation work force and is central to driving social & economic advancement of governments around the world.
There are many internal groups across Microsoft with an interest in education, these are brought together under the leadership of the Subsidiary Microsoft Partners In Learning Education Alliance Leadership Team. For more information on the Microsoft Education Alliance please see https://infoweb/educationalliance
This team, under the guidance of the Education Team Leader, are responsible for ensuring Microsoft’s success in approaching education as “One Microsoft”, executing coordinated plans, exceeding our customers’ expectations and delivering against our goals of transforming education, fostering local innovation and creating jobs and opportunities.
This leadership position, where Partners in learning commitments exist, will primarily be responsible for deliverying on the Microsoft Partners in Learning program and growing share of Microsoft products. In addition and especially where there are no Partners in Learning commitments, this role will provide strategic leadership to the subsidiary for Education, management and execution of Microsofts plans and other programs in education across the subsidiary including “dotted line” responsibility for Education Alliance v-team stakeholders. It will be the internal leader and external face of Microsoft’s plans to help transform education and execute on its vision of ” Help students and educators throughout the world realize their full potential”


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