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Job Description: A  highly motivated Embedded Software Engineer to work in a Linux Runtime Services team.  The team pursues profitable Linux-based services opportunities that range from low level Linux kernel and BSP support through embedded Linux applications.

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Desired Skills and Experience

• BSc/MSc Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering.

• 2 to 3 years of embedded experience is required with good C skills, C++ skills, and Linux kernel / BSP development skills.

• Experience with a variety of CPU architectures is desirable (ARM, Power, x86, MIPS).

• Practical skills in working with open source projects and requires experience with collaborative development with open source projects (i.e. Linux kernel, gnu tools, Open Embedded, Yocto, etc.).

• Experience with Android, from BSP integration to middleware, to application development, is desirable.

• Familiarity with leading edge technologies such as fast boot, accelerated graphics, network acceleration and industrial designs is desirable.

• Working with remote teams within Mentor and the ability to communicate constructively, drive design ideas, and produce productive code reviews.

• Must have good customer oriented communication skills.  Some travel is likely to work on-site with customers, so must be willing to travel and to spend time with customers.

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