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Jobs in Mayfair-Management Trainee

Job Description:
• Lines tracing & identification, coding standardisation.
• De-tagging of the Red tags hanged on machines rectifying the highlighted abnormalities.
• Assist in buidling m/c specific spares for Conf.
• Pareto Analyses of the daily Break downs and development of Loss cost structure.
• Prepare trouble shooting charts from lessons learned during maint. & barinstorming process.
• Assist Area Engineer in the implementation of Kaizens.
• Work in close coordination with Auto Cad operator to develop drawings of critical plant spares n assemblies.
• Implement 7-step PM technique and lead PM piller in TPM
• Assist in development of Plnned Maint (PM) piller of TPM.


Mechanical/Electrical Engineers (Fresh Candidates) Good Leadership Skills Analytical thinking and methodical approach to solve problems Commitment and dedication to work Project Management Skills Team alignment and engagement


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Get Latest Jobs Via Email

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