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If you are a world-class software engineering leader with a passion for and expertise in leading a process-driven approach to high quality software development and software solution innovation; if you possess a unique balance of senior organizational leadership, detailed technical management, and deep enterprise software architectural experience; and if you have the intellectual and technical depth to lead the development and application of technology in huge enterprise settings — this role is for you.

Job Description: Reporting to the CEO – the Senior Vice President of Engineering will serve as a key member of the global executive team and will be responsible for synthesizing both business and technical tasks while fostering a culture of engineering excellence, consistent and high-quality customer delivery, and product innovation.  As part of the leadership team, you will be expected to run an engineering organization that is revolutionary and radically differentiated from a typical software engineering organization.  With a focus on small, great global teams, factory-like process, and quantifiable business impact you will be expected to drive higher levels of value and productivity from your engineering organization than most companies would expect to achieve.  You must build, develop and engage a team from various talent sources including sourcing the top freelancers in specific computer science domains, retaining the best talent we find in acquisitions, and leveraging the cream of the campus crop we acquire via our newly formed affiliate CodeNation (https://www.linkedin.com/company/codenation).  In doing so, you must set an agenda for the function where the teams effectively and efficiently solve some of the most challenging enterprise software problems with engineers distributed around the globe.  You will leverage your personal technical depth as a as a developer and architect in order to set a personal standard for Computer Science excellence, to push your teams and to assess the talent base you need to maintain.

Key Responsibilities :

  • Drive a rigorous, regular product release process across multiple, complex enterprise software products
  • Establish world-class standards and technical operations to deliver consistent, high-quality products across dispersed, global teams
  • Actively prioritize engineering activities against rapidly evolving customer expectations and business demands
  • Implement engineering management strategies to achieve world-class productivity and cost efficiency
  • Engage with customers and product managers to ensure that product delivery obsessively aligns with customer value creation
  • Transform existing teams of engineers and architects and development managers into a highly effective engineering function, including upgrading and reorganizing our talent as required
  • Engage and align top talent through strong recruitment, mentoring, hands-on architectural leadership and career management
  • Lead product technical due diligence and engineering talent assessment for 2-4 acquired or to-be-acquired companies each year
  • Transform acquired engineering teams into an effective and efficient global model to increase quality and reduce cost over pre-acquisition benchmarks

Total Compensation is US$200,000/year (cash).

Desired Skills and Experience

Required Experience and Education

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or Engineering (MS or PhD preferred)
  • 15+ years of engineering experience leading multiple teams across multiple products and technologies — this is a global leadership role for a seasoned software development leader, not a first executive role for a great software development manager
  • Proven experience in building high-performance teams and scalable best engineering practices
  • Spent 5 years in hands-on C++, Java or .NET architecture and programming in a hands-on, development-intensive individual contributor role
  • Recent experience with DevOps and Cloud architecture.  We live in the Cloud.
  • Experience with high-end enterprise systems deployed in environments of Global 100 corporation complexity
  • Demonstrated excellence in software development planning, scheduling, resourcing, and measuring engineer development progress to achieve business objectives
  • Expert understanding of the product development lifecycle process, including analysis and design, development tools and technologies, release and version control, contemporary testing methodologies, and deployment management

This role may be a great fit if:

  • You have a strong understanding of engineering technical issues and requirements, financial, sales, and marketing as related to product design and development
  • You are a creative and strategic thinker, able to follow through on delivering significant business innovation and balancing the product roadmap for timely deliverables
  • You keep yourself up to date on the current industry trends, ensuring that the company maintains and expands its technology leadership position and share that knowledge with others
  • You have the technical depth of your best architects and the ability to identify, retain and engage top engineering talent
  • You are obsessively focused on code quality, software engineering process, and welcome the opportunity to automate time consuming parts of the software engineering process.
  • You have a passion for iterative development with a mindset that “shipping is a feature”
  • You hate starting from scratch when you know the problem has been solved.  You spend 1-2 hours each week researching to become a domain expert on every product you work on.
  • You are comfortable/excited about working independently and with others in a global/virtual team.  Lots of Skype, GoToMeeting, video conferencing, Google Docs, etc.
  • Maybe most importantly… you have the leadership skills and gravitas to be a senior leader in an organization that is constantly striving to improve and in which every senior leader must be active in productive and active debates with his or her peers and the CEO to ensure we have set the best direction for our company

To qualify, please provide a resume/CV demonstrating the required experience and skills.  From there, to help us find the top 1% of talent, there will be a series of interviews and online skills examinations.  We realize these are challenging and can require a decent amount of time – so we thank you in advance for your efforts.

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