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Ignite Technologies: Reporting to the CEO, the Senior Vice President of Global Human Resources will be a key member of the executive team and will be responsible for strategic leadership and direction for organizational development, talent management, talent acquisition, and the assessment and disposition of people as part of the company’s ambitious acquisition strategy. In the area of organizational development, the head of HR will be the lead architect supporting the CEO in the creation and development of a winning corporate culture that extends from the company’s workforce to its customers.

If you are the type of HR professional that is looking to recruit, retain, and develop the best talent in the world, lead the integration and restructuring of numerous global acquisitions, are capable of operating in a high growth environment, went to a top 20 university and business school and consider yourself a business leader more so than an HR functional executive – this role is for you.

Ignite Technologies is an international enterprise software company that helps large global enterprises like McDonald’s, Johnson & Johnson, FedEx, and Bank of America “ignite the power of their workforce” through the development, extension and implementation of best-in-class business applications. Ignite’s suite of technologies enable companies to make members of their workforce more productive and more effective in delivering against their broader organizational goals and specific functional accountabilities.

Ignite is a rapidly growing company with growth fueled both organically and inorganically through an aggressive acquisition strategy. Ignite in 2015 is an over $50M company operating under the Ignite and several other brands with the opportunity to be $100M by the start of 2016 and $250M by the end of 2017. The company’s explosive growth and ambitious business goals require a seasoned HR leader capable of partnering with the CEO and executive team to ensure we have the best talent, where and when we need it, at the best possible cost.

Job Description

Reporting to the CEO – the Senior Vice President of Global Human Resources will serve as a key member of the executive team and will be responsible for providing strategic leadership and direction in the areas of organizational development, talent management, and the assessment and disposition of people as part of the company’s ambitious acquisition strategy. Unlike in some organizations where the head of HR is hired as a last member of the leadership team, this role is among the first on what the CEO expects will be a newly constituted leadership team that is $250M – $1B capable.

The SVP of Global HR will play a critical role in attracting and retaining global top talent and propel the company to continually higher levels. We are looking for an SVP who will lead our company through transformational change, inclusive of driving an integrated HR agenda to deliver on our recent growth and global mindset. The role will be hands on; you will develop and execute our plans to build winning teams with top talent from around the world – talent that we hire and develop organically, and talent that we acquire through acquisition. You will be a relentless champion of maximizing our competitive talent advantage.

Key Responsibilities

Building And Developing World-Class Global Teams

  • Identify, assess, and recruit world-class talent globally
  • Work with the CEO to build-out a next generation of senior leadership team through a mix of high-end executive selection and coaching of existing peer-leaders
  • Function as an integral member of the Ignite Executive Team and provide insight and perspective on the overall operation and strategy of the business
  • Lead overall talent management including performance management, topgrading, upgrading, and people development
  • Ensure effective execution leading organizational strategy that includes establishing clear roles & responsibilities, job leveling, opportunities and reporting relationships
  • Lead teams of established employees through significant business transformations
  • Establish processes and standards for organizational structure, recruiting, compensation, benefits, and other HR policies
  • Assess, manage and consistently optimize all outsourced vendors of HR capabilities and functions

Assessing, Exiting, Integrating & Energizing New Acquisition Personnel

  • Partner with business operations to develop and execute restructuring strategies that support Ignite’s corporate objectives including restructuring plan, budget, and managing the process of exiting people who are leaving and energizing those that are staying
  • Ability to rapidly assess key talent cross-functionally and identify and structure go-forward organization
  • Execute strategies to retain, energize, and integrate newly acquired key talent
  • Work with acquired company managers on exit strategies, communication process, timelines, and severance policies
  • Negotiate with international work councils and governing bodies to fulfill Ignite’s restructuring objectives – including negotiating severance and social plan arrangements with work council and governments who have slower time frames than internal objectives
  • Wisely navigate problems that arise in executive employment scenarios
  • Interact with executive level management to determine solutions, resolve issues, and present recommendations

Total Compensation is US$250,000/year (cash) . This position is expected to have a material annual cash bonus opportunity starting in 2016 after the person hired into the role establishes an appropriate rewards program for this privately-held, cash-only organization.

Desired Skills and Experience

Required experience and education

  • 15+ years HR experience
  • Must have a degree from a top 20 university with a MBA from top 20 program strongly preferred
  • Experience building high-end global teams of sophisticated technical personnel – software, consulting, banking, and other related services
  • Global restructuring experience – particularly restructuring European companies and familiar with the European business and legal landscape – special emphasis on France and Germany
  • Ideal candidate would be bilingual in English and French or German
  • Ideal candidate would have some strategy or management consulting experience rather than solely corporate experience
  • Located in US

This role may be a great fit if:

  • You share our obsession for the best talent – regardless of location
  • You have an outstanding record of building teams from all over the globe
  • You love technology and have experience in technically-oriented companies
  • You are aware of the sensitivities and fears surrounding employment and are able to successfully achieve Ignite’s goals while meeting local government requirements
  • You are fearless in making and executing people decisions based exclusively on what best enables Ignite’s business and growth strategy

To qualify, please provide a resume/CV demonstrating the required experience and skills. From there, to help us find the top 1% of talent, there will be a series of interviews and online skills examinations. We realize these are challenging and can require a decent amount of time – so we thank you in advance for your efforts. Please note that you will not be paid for these interviews or skills tests but we hope you will complete them to help us truly evaluate your talent vs your peers.

Are you up for the challenge?

Ignite Technologies

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