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What do we need from you? As an elite Frontend Web Developer with gTeam, you will be a key member of a team of top global developers revamping the front-end of various enterprise applications.  This will require creativity and great UI understanding – while leveraging the best front-end web development design patterns, architecture and tools.  We will expect you to be comfortable performing sophisticated front-end UI development – similar to what you see on sites like Mint.com or Songza.com.  If developing sites like these are well within your scope – you are the perfect person.  We will also need you to be able to communicate effectively in English with your team and others.

Requirements for this job are:

  • A BS in Computer Science or other technical software degree
  • 3+ years of hands-on experience in front-end development and Javascript
  • Recent experience with at least two of the following technologies – Angular, Compass, Ember, Knockout and/or Backbone

Total compensation is US$30/hr for a full-time, 40-hour work week.

Desired Skills and Experience

We are also looking for you to have demonstrated the following critical characteristics:

  • You have high standards for productivity and are obsessively focused on code quality
  • You develop a clean and simple product
  • You believe that there is a 10x range in productivity between developers, and you are towards the top end of this range.
  • You have a passion for iterative development and like us, you also believe “shipping is a feature”.

We have high standards for productivity and quality, and will evaluate candidates based on the cleanliness and simplicity of their development work and the quality of the front-end sample product.  To ensure we only hire the best, we will be providing you instructions to develop a mock sample design implementation to further judge your capabilities.  This test is not a work product – but simply a test we’ve developed to enable you to show us your talents.  

If you decide to proceed, please submit your resume and from there, you will be sent instructions on a sample design implementation to complete.  If your sample design implementation is amongst the best – you will be asked to present it for 10 minutes over Skype.

Are you up for the challenge?

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