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Jobs in General Electric-Trainee Engineers Programme

Role Summary/Purpose

EEDP is an intensive program for people with a passion for technology, a drive for technical excellence, and share in GE’s core values. The program is designed to accelerate participants’ professional development with intense technical training and a variety of business-critical assignments. Graduates have the technical/business foundation to proactively/continually make innovative contributions to GE’s future. If you love technology and want a career in engineering, then EEDP is for you.

Essential Responsibilities

EEDP’s at Energy experience technically challenging rotations that are driven by innovation. Edison Engineers are currently working to develop expertise in the Power Generation Industry. The core engineering skills gained in assignments are enhanced through GE advanced courses in engineering (ACE).
Candidates will be expected to complete their masters in core engineering from the University of Georgia Technology or North Carolina State University through distance learning. Corporate courses are also provided. Advanced academic exposure, experience and training combined with mentoring and guidance from assignment managers, prepares members with the technical skills and values needed to achieve a successful career in technology.

Four-year Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering; Majors in Electrical, Mechanical, Aero or Materials degrees only will be considered.
GPA greater than or equal to 3.25/4.0 overall. (University of Georgia Tech requires 3.3 GPA)
Knowledge of advanced mathematics, including calculus and differential equations.
Prior intern, co-op, or research experience in design engineering, manufacturing, or computer science/computer engineering.
Experience writing technical reports.
Must be willing to relocate as business needs change.
Excellent communication skills and ability to articulate technical problems in clear and simple terms.
Candidates must be able to gain acceptance to the University of Georgia Technology or North Carolina State University for Masters in Engineering Program.
Candidate must qualify for J1 US Visa requirements.
Candidate must be able to receive acceptable scores for GRE and TOFEL for University acceptance.

Desired Characteristics
Preference will be given to persons:
Majoring in Mechanical Eng or Electrical Eng, that have prior intern, co-op, or research experience in an engineering environment.
That have a strong commitment to a career in technology and a passion for engineering
Demonstrate an analytic approach to problem solving
Demonstrate leadership skills, community involvement, and a passion for technology.


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