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Purpose of the role: Purpose of this document is to describe the functional role of Security Manager-Investigations. The Security Manager-Investigations manages security investigation activities within the region, in accordance with the Governance Model – Group Security. The aim is to achieve operational excellence within the concept of One Ericsson.

Prime role of Security Manager-Investigations is to address Ericsson’s internal security investigation requirements.
The Security Manager-Investigations has the following responsibilities within the scope

  • Collect and compile information
  • Prepare and execute the investigation plan
  • Escalate decisions through investigations
  • Deliver and communicate investigation report
  • Identify improvement opportunities and implement or recommend to the relevant organization

If required, performs the schedule internal Audits; generate Audit Reports and will be responsible to anchoring certain external audits within the region.
Security Manager-Investigation is typically assigned to work with the investigations of the critical security incidents that can or may impact Ericsson brand people or assets.

Main activities
Main activities within the Daily Operations are the following:

Drive the implementation of global & Regional security investigation framework, directives and guidelines, complement with local security instructions if needed.

Determining work procedure, prepare work schedules & determine methods for expediting workflow. Will get all activities approved by “RMEA Regional Compliance Forum”.

Strategic planning, risk assessment, governance and compliance processes, designing investigation solutions and conducting incident response & digital forensics investigations

Ensure identification of COBE breach through examination of evidence.

Lead digital forensics function in collaboration with experts internal/external to achieve hard drive imaging, analysis of emails and financial data.

Support technical teams in Data extraction & analysis & presentation.

Establish & manage Investigation service provider portfolio of external support in place

Manage security incidents and investigations in accordance with the Security Incident Handling Process and Investigation Framework

Provide technical leadership to the enterprise for the security investigation program both in IT & financial matters.

Drive incident management/reporting violations awareness activities amongst ALL personnel

Perform specialized training for target groups

Work in coordination with Regional Head of Security Operations & Investigations. Also coordinate cross function at a senior level.

Build & maintain documentation for all procedures, as required to continually improve levels of service & efficiency and meet quality standards.

Cooperation & Coordination
Security Manager-Investigation drives & coordinates security investigations related activities in the Region.

Key Internal Interfaces

  • Region Security Director
  • Regional Head of Security Operations & Investigations
  • Regional Head of Legal
  • Regional Compliance Forum

Key External Interface
External partners security investigation organizations.

Functional line reporting to Regional Head of Security Operations & Investigations.

Monthly report to the Regional Compliance Forum

Role Requirement
The position must be a member of the Security Job Family (5130).
The content of this role description is applicable for one person and cannot be delegated to several persons.

Competence requirements for the role

The key technical qualifications required are:

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent preferably in Finance or Law
  • Formal Investigation training (certificate) or equivalent preferred
  • Minimum 7 years’ experience in investigation/compliance/audit/finance related role.
  • At least three year criminal investigative or Audit experience. Demonstrated success in initiating/conducting complex and sensitive investigations.
  • Substantial skill in formulating, implementing and critically reviewing investigative plans
  • Proven ability to research, methodically organize, and investigate from initial response through successful conclusion;
  • Ability to coordinate investigations with law enforcement/ prosecutorial agencies.
  • Understanding of global and local Ericsson procedures.
  • Ability to establish and maintain positive relationships with Ericsson colleagues and with local, state, federal, and foreign law enforcement officials.
  • IS/IT competence

Performance Evalution

This role description is an input for the performance evaluation for Regional Security Investigation Manager. Performance evaluation would be carried out by Regional Head of Security Operations & Investigations with input from the members of Regional Compliance Forum. Content and structure will be defined in accordance with the Individual Performance Management (IPM) guidelines. This includes three main steps:

  • Setting up goals
  • Follow-up/feedback
  • Annual performance summary

Primary country and city: Pakistan (PK) || Federal || Islamabad || IT; R&D SharedServ; Supply&Log

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