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1-Job Title: EMEA M-Commerce Technical Sales Manager, Job Description: This is a position for a Technical Sales Manager /Solution Architect working for M-Commerce supporting in pre-sales engagements. You will be responsible for supporting the sales of Ericsson’s mobile commerce portfolio. As part of this role you will be required to build relationships and influence key technical stakeholders in the customer organization which would include MNOs, banks and other financial institutions. Additionally you will be managing select engagements, customer requirements and proposing, based on evaluation, different technical implementation alternatives. To enrich and maintain your competence in specific cases you will be assigned for some projects to participate in the implementation and conclusion stages. Part of your role will also be to support Business Development and Portfolio Management by giving feedback on the market needs you come across in your role.

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Date: Oct 27, 2014 Location: Islamabad, Federal, PK Company: Ericsson

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2-Job Title: End to End Solution Architect OSS BSS, Job Description: The candidate will be expected to function in his role as a Chief Solution Architect. The Chief Solution Architect plays a critical role in making sure programs are envisioned, designed, developed and implemented across the enterprise (including both BSS and OSS) to meet business needs. The Chief Solution Architect is involved at every phase of the project lifecycle from intake through delivery. He/She is responsible for making sure the entire solution design is complete and consistent from the start and seeks to remove as much re-work as possible. Chief Solution Architects should see themselves as one of the critical member of a customer team, that have primary responsibility that a solution is well engineered, operable, maintainable, delivered on schedule, aligns to enterprise vision and actually provides the anticipated business value. This role may also involve working with the Customer CIO, Senior Leadership Team, and other supporting architects to ensure the system defined by their project integrates in with existing systems and is in alignment with vision, technology, roadmaps and/or standards.

Date: Nov 7, 2014 Location: Lahore, PK Company: Ericsson

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